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Three Ninjas Gamemode

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Sometimes there's brilliance in horrificĀ ideas that everyone would actually love, and this is one of them. +1.

For flavor reasons, my only suggestion would be to name the lesser ninjas "Acolytes" instead, to rank them as lower on the Spider Clan pecking order and to justify their lack of mobility, but more intensified specialization in other areas. 'Lesser Ninja' just doesn't have the impact of rolling off the tongue per se, only qualm I hold there.

..Probably also makes room for Spider Clan lore later on but that's for another thread.

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1 hour ago, Arrow768 said:

A unlimited emag is going to be a extremely annoying thing.
Imho it would be better to give them a improved door hacking tool that take 5-10 seconds to open a door. (And can instantly access the last x ones)

Being implemented. I hope you're happy because I spent 1 hour trying to get ancient shitcode to work.

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