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Bretscher's Gang Memorabilia

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BYOND Key: VTCobaltblood
Character name: Robert Bretscher
Item name: a gang-colored toolbox

Why is your character carrying said item to work? He gets a toolbox on surface everytime anyway. Why not just bring one from home?

Item function(s): It's literally just a reskinned toolbox. Might or might not be filled with items. I'd prefer it's the mechanical toolbox set, but with a multitool instead of the wire scanner.
Item description: A toolbox painted in the traditional colors of a Martian youth gang, the Shuttleyard Boys. It looks fairly old, the paint needs some renewal.
Item appearance: bretscher_toolbox.dmi

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Currently the only way to know he's a former criminal and kind of a really shifty guy is through his exploitables and security records. I've seen people say there are no criminal characters on station. It's kinda not true, but I'm also aware that Bretscher isn't just going to go around telling it to people with words. Well, he'll tell with his toolbox. It would explain a lot of behavior Bretscher normally does, too.
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Like. It fits Bretscher's character, since he is a giga-robust angry nerd. It uses his background and past in a subtle way and it doesn't give him any advantage in the game whatsoever. It's a slightly different coloured toolbox. I see no reason why this should be denied, really. It may have the colours of a martian street gang but that does not make it a criminal item. So, +1, my dude. I hope you get your robusto box.

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Can't even fight a bear, -1. But nah I think in all seriousness, that being my specialty I like Bretscher, focused unique and stupidly volatile, like a movie Scientist it just works and I think a little toolbox that I always hear him mentioning or often seeing him carry one would make him just a little more unique so I likey.

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