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Set Status on PDA

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Just like the title says. There are a lot of times I wish I could set a status on my PDA so that people know if I'm currently working, on my lunch break, or in some project. You see the status of the person from the crew manifest and also if you're messaging them, and can set your status at the messaging menu. Optionally this could be visible at the crew monitoring station, where health is displayed alongside their status in parentheses.

This gives a more reliable method of letting everyone in your department know what you're doing, if you bother with it. Don't have to shout out over the radio, where the log will only remain for a few seconds. You could even set 'away' to let people know you're AFK temporarily.

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An interesting work-around I've seen people use is by labelling their PDA. If you get a hand labeler label the PDA (on lunch), then that will show up on the messaging tab when anyone wants to send a message. It'll be like "Urist McSec (Security Cadet) (on lunch)". When you're done, you remove the label.


So if you can manage to snag one, that can work for what you might want to accomplish personally.

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