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Remove Telecrystals from the Vault


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I implemented it and by far I think it was one of the worst ideas I've had. I expected traitors would use them for clever, creative things that would not be done with 25 TC as a reward for actually doing an objective, but I was wrong.

I suggest replacing it with some high value or rare item that would still peak the interest of traitors but not give them a massive advantage.

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Breaking into the vault undetected is actually a positive challenge with great reward. TCs are a fantastic reward because RNG may not be on your side. The vault has lethal turrets, everyone who walks by the vault can instantly see if the turrets are ever off, and other conventional ways like welding in from space creates sound. Plus once entered, it straight away tells the station bounds. 


It can be a fun challenge really to not get caught. Especially with the teleporter dangers, you are pretty cornered if security mobilizes. I actually don't see much traitors buying the high expensive items with the TC in the vault like the gatling gun and AM rifle.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Nothing will be worth breaking in for unless it is TCs or end game weapons with sufficient ammo, or other traitor items ie cloaks, parapens, or emags.

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I'm down to see them gone. People never notice vault break-ins unless there's an AI that's fairly on-point which overseeing secure areas, so they're generally a free reward for anyone with the know-how.


Alternatively, surround the vault with space/vacuum tiles as it used to be so breaking in from anywhere but the front door triggers an atmospheric alarm, thus forcing people to go in from the front or risk immediate notice.

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