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Give realistic sight to certain mobs

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I think for purposes of realism and for further development of certain mobs roles, vision should be changed.

I think that custom global_huds (similar to how mesons and nightvision and all that work) to certain mobs where it makes sense. This would only apply to those mobs played by players and would not have an impact on their sight controlled by code.


For example, the following mobs may be able to see in the dark but have a bit of a gaussian blur or tunnel vision.




Space shark ( summoned by wizard)

And a few other mobs that may make sense.


The impact would be that while in control of these mobs you would have those types of vision. If you go and play as a ? mouse for example you would have a bit blurred vision on further away tiles like glasses, but also have the advantage of seeing in the dark maintenance areas.

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  • Evandorf changed the title to Give realistic sight to certain mobs

The only way I can see this being abusable if by some way a player would be able to change their variables, specifically the one that controls the global_hud. That variable is already messed around with any shader or goggle-type-hud worn. I think that if we have concerns for this being abusable, the concern instead is the ability to alter vars.

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