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Player Complaint - Lord Fowl

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BYOND Key: Flunkerdunk

Game ID: None

Player Byond Key: Lord Fowl

Staff involved: Lord Fowl

Reason for complaint: He refuses to be mean infront of me or give me "ammo" to use against him to make a player complaint.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No

Approximate Date/Time: April 1st 2019


Additional Notes: 


I find it very deplorable that a developer on this highly esteemed Heavy Roleplay server can go to such lengths to hide his true nature. I have insulted his taste in his "anime" cartoons only to have him post pictures of more cartoons in the Discord? This in itself is not against the rules and is an obvious attempt to ride the thin line of what is an offense and what isn't. 


This Toxic human being not only likes something that I do not like, but he openly displays infront of me on my christian discord server to trigger me. I plan on having kids in the near future and I will NOT have them subjected to this type of gross misconduct from a "staff" member when they finally grow up. If this is the standard for "staff" members on this server, then I will have my kids raised around another server. 


I shouldn't be subjected to such negativity from those that are here to provide a positive environment for all of us, even the ones that can't afford to purchase a legal copy of Byond and have to pirate it. If the developers of Aurora will not put a stop to this harassment, then I will return my copy of Aurora Station TM, back to GameStop. This ends NOW!


Until something is done about this injustice, I will be spending less time on this oppressive server and more time at church. When you are ready for me to stop giving money to my pastor in the sunday donations bowl and ready to accept my donations, you will make sure Lord Fowl is punished for disrupting my safe space on Discord.


Hallelujah! In April Fool's name, Amen.

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