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Dutch Valentines hat

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BYOND Key: BigCashMoney
Character name: Dutch Valentine 
Item name: Dutch's hat

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

This was the hat his best friend gave to him before his passing during a gun fight on his home planet. Which saw the hat getting damaged. And Dutch getting injured, after finding out about his friends passing he wouldn't let his hat out of his sight. That hat had a metaphoric piece of his best friends soul with it, and he would never let that piece leave him.

Item function(s): Its a hat, a memento of his past. Its also therapeutic during times of stress and anxiety. 
Item description: A brown cowboy hat with a bullet hole in it. It also has a ace of spades attached. neat!
Item appearance: A brown cowboy hat with a ace of spades card attached to it, a couple bullet holes litter the rim of the hat.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

They might ask the story behind his hat, where he would explain his back story on his home planet. it will also add that rugged cowboy look and appearance to him. He will also refuse to take off or have it away from his person said hat since it holds such a sentimental value to him. And would cause him anxiety and stress if he was parted from his hat for a long time. 
Additional comments: I am sorry for bad English, punctuation or formatting. 


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