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[Accepted] Deridin's IPC application

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BYOND Key: Deridin 

Character Names: Lukas Chapman [Security Officer] - Xavier Alekzander [Medical Doctor] - Felix [Stationbound]

Species you are applying to play: IPC 

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Applying for IPC 

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: After playing as a station-bound on and off namely "Felix", my interest to finally stray away from playing only station-bounds and human characters has lead me to the point where I'd like to try something completely new. Being a long time player on Aurora and only holding a command whitelist which I no longer use due to IC reasons has left me wanting for more out of my ability to RP in different scenarios. 

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Playing an IPC, specifically an IPC fabricated from an existing station-bound, would lead to many different interactions than you could get with a human character. A main point is the overarching difference in IPC's being a relatively new being to be introduced to galaxy as a whole, dealing with suspicions and concern of other species. Being restricted to certain mannerisms and living within a whole new realm of discrimination from the usually lax discrimination against humans would lead to a whole new scope of RP for myself. As well as dealing with completely different damage related issues, requiring a roboticist instead of a medical doctor and interacting with different departments. 

Character Name: Felix 

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Unit Designation: Felix. Occupational Designation: Shaft Miner. Unit Felix was constructed and designed by Nanotrasen originally as a station-bound Unit to fill multiple roles aboard the Aurora if required. Following crew evaluation reports of uneasiness near station-bound Units Nanotrasen has decided to take it upon themselves to look into alternatives to standard synthetic usage and thus is moving towards a more IPC configured synthetic presence to leave organic crew more as ease in their workplace.  Felix, previously a station-bound Unit aboard the Aurora, has been shifted into a Baseline IPC Frame to allow for continued operations in the mining division, increased outputs of materials, and ease of use regarding Mining Yield Reports.

During it's operation as a station-bound, crew have reported Felix to be a welcome sight in both the mining division and research division during deliveries due to it's efficiency and ability to do a job as instructed. Due to these reports, Nanotrasen's Research and Development division has decided to move Felix to an IPC chassis in order to observe material production, crew interactions, and overall operations of a newly constructed IPC being placed into the workplace. This decision will continue to be monitored and the Unit pulled from work pending any issues regarding it's operations.

What do you like about this character? For me personally I enjoy a change in how I get to RP, Felix for me is a huge change going from spending literal years of playing nothing but human characters and the occasional station-bound to being able to try something new and enjoy playing as a newly fabricated IPC in order to meet different people in different departments and see how I can further expand my ability to actually RP.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?  I'd say about 7 or 8 out of 10.

Notes: This is my first whitelist attempt outside of a command whitelist so it's likely lacking in some fields and my command whitelist was ages ago. If anyone has recommendations or suggestions please feel free to contact me on discord and tell me (Swadow#5471) I look forward to feedback on my RP regardless of the outcome of this application, I'd like to see where I need improvement and where I am doing things right or wrong.
(OOC: Duckeroo: just say "kyuwus pls say yes xd <3")

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Guest BoxWulf


I've never endorsed a whitelist application before or made one of my own so feel free to take my comments with an extremely large grain of salt.

I've played with Deridin, as Lukas Chapman, quite a few times and his other character, Xavier Alekzander, as well.

In Security, he's on point and generally a well-respected character on the station which is largely difficult for any member of sec as they are usually indoctrinated by the "shoot first, ask later" protocol. I've antagged around him and he furthers RP, rather then shutting down right before it can go anywhere.

With Xavier, he's very focused and calculated. They're somewhat smug, but as a character with a medical doctorate and coming from a different station that is bit more elite than the Aurora, this is to be expected. While some doctors are overtly nice and caring and others just jabbing you with a syringe and telling you to get out, Alekzander is in the middle. Great bed-side manner, but you better follow common courtesy or you can fix your own broken limb. 

It's awesome because the two characters are completely different from Felix, a stationbound.

While that's to be expected, obviously, I've come across plenty of stationbounds with human-like personalities which tend to break immersion for many other players.

Felix is not like that, at all. They do their job, they do it well, and they leave. While that may seem boring to some, that's exactly what a stationbound is supposed to do. Sure, they provide some witty retorts once in a while that aren't mean to be sarcastic, but they come off that way based on interpretation and that's what makes their RP great.

I've read that they're going to move the stationbound to an IPC model and that's fine because I know of quite a few IPCs that have had this background and it's hold up well against the lore. 

Deridin is one of the few players that can make a variety of characters that are different from each other and I would never know which is played by him unless he told me. Not many people can do that, it's a great skill and I wholeheartedly support the whitelist for IPC. 

Er, +1.


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Although I've never directly roleplayed with him, I've been on station while Lukas Chapman has been security, and everything usually goes alright sometimes. It's a solid +1 from me. Although I hate the IPC that has been designed to fill multiple roles (No one can do everything) I may just misunderstand the backstory. I love Mining IPCs. They're the best IPCs. I hope you making mining great, you soon to be synthetic bastard you!



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5 minutes ago, TheGreatNacho said:

Although I hate the IPC that has been designed to fill multiple roles (No one can do everything) I may just misunderstand the backstory.

During it's transfer from Station-bound to IPC, Felix will be reprogrammed to fulfill a specific task and to preform that task efficiently. That task being mining, nothing else.

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1 minute ago, Deridin said:

During it's transfer from Station-bound to IPC, Felix will be reprogrammed to fulfill a specific task and to preform that task efficiently. That task being mining, nothing else.

I thought I misunderstood that. I have seen people who switch roles as IPC because "Lol, programmed for multiple tasks".

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16 hours ago, Lupo713 said:

Not many people can do that, it's a great skill and I wholeheartedly support the whitelist for IPC. 

Er, +1.


Told him i'd sign up to +1 this, can only repeat what Lupo said. Great RP with different characters... That's something many of us struggle with.

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11 hours ago, Pratepresidenten said:

Why would NT put money and effort into re-shelling a stationbound?

Being still a relatively new addition to the work force universe wise and synths being discriminated against by multiple political factions the NT RnD division has decided to place Felix into a Baseline chassis in order to observe (as said above) material production, crew interaction, and overall operations. This shift from station-bound to IPC is largely an experiment to see if IPCs are any more or less functional than station-bounds aboard the Aurora. Pending any failures in efficiency or issues regarding the nature of synthetic discrimination the IPC would be decommissioned, placed back into a station-bound chassis, and the Baseline chassis would be redistributed for use elsewhere.

Edited by Deridin
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+1 Deridin is a great role-player and I enjoy interacting with his characters a lot, he plays synthetics really well and I think he will be someone great to add to the growing list of IPC characters.


I also interact with Deridin when I play as a sec officer and he's great to role-play with, I also intereact with him when he plays Felix, a Cyborg. I have fun times all around. +1 +1

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A standard application and some fantastic feedback. I've interacted with Chapman a lot for quite a while now and it's always wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing you as an addition to the IPC playerbase.

Application accepted.

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