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[Accepted] SonicGotNukes Skrell App (Squish Addition)

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BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked

Character Names:


Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Purple

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I found Skrell fascinating as a non-restricted xeno in human space after they found each other. Skrells have been in space longer after all, and they are the ones that accidentally introduced artificial intelligence that we all know continuously pulls political tension and a blurred line. Should synthetics get free ownership of themselves and the same universal rights? I like this aspect of Skrell with a natural skepticism, or hatred of synthetics where even cyborgification can be seen as monstrous from when they learnt of the technology that was used to colonize mars. This is what captivates me: this almost PTSD like attitude within their fame based society after the events of Glorsh sterilized a majority of the aging species. They may look harmless, but their drive to win and resolve unavoidable conflict makes them one of the best fighting forces in the galaxy. 


Mechanics wise, I also enjoy the idea of their dream based communication, telepathy, and how it is even considered assault to use on another species against their will. 

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:


First, humans are unpredictable, emotional, and at times veil within their economic culture. Skrell seem to be more resounded, fame, and recondition will of course not be achieved if you suddenly begin to introduce these traits. Skrell have been in space the longest, they may have the most hatred towards synthetics known (other than Domina). They at times, like humans, are curious about the galaxy around them and this same trait bonded the two cultures into a friendly relationship between each other. Skrell may even like humans for what they are. Of course, like every species, some Skrell are not like the rest. Some may be a simple miner stuck on some asteroid doing the same task for the rest of their unnoticed lives.  


@VTCobaltblood While humans can at times be unpredictable, The Skrell as a race have an entire set of emotional displays that are considerably different than the rest of the species. Skrell emotions are more complex, and deeply tied into and rooted into their own language and telepathic abilities among each each other. While humans enjoy a good joke, Skrell through age may become increasingly distant from Humor as an entire form through practice after disliking the feeling it provides that their younger selves may have enjoyed more. While also human jokes may have a punchline, Skrell look towards the more visual aspects then actual verbal communication. It is physically impossible for other species to speak and fully understand their language as well and the language helps establish a barrier for observing emotions.

Character Name: Azqu Uqu-Uilk

Please provide a short backstory for this character 




Born 275 years ago, still in within the age of Collapse, Azqu's mother always placed her own well being in line to protect an only child from the plotting hands of Glorsh. She naturally feared her child being slipped away into a labor camp that the AI overlord commonly provides to many others. Her mother knew her own age was progressing, horrified to the extent that the once beloved technology completely seized society. Betrayal, hate, goal less in the constant task of scavenging and evading during the long amounts of time she suffered. This goal less state of society is what motivated her to produce Azqu. It gave her something to care for, nurture, and a long term goal to always look up towards.


Naturally, Azqu opened her mind to her mother. She remembers her early childhood being shuttled around from place to place as the common hatred and fear of synthetics printed onto her. What her mother feared, she feared. Of course, she was not ever once told that her mother enjoyed synthetics, and this knowledge was never and never will be provided. Her mother was growing older by the years, and from early childhood, she understood eventually she'd have to rely on herself. Her mother was protective, strong willed, and taught her absorbing mind the tiniest details that can be used for survival and synthetic evasion. Of course, this never halted her and her mothers eventual sterilization during the later years.


This is what defined her earliest traits: Strong willed, but protective of those she cares about. 


The Supernova Era


Glorsh collapsed, and its project erased itself from the clutches of Skrell society.


It was a period of rejoice, the cruel chains of Glorsh shattered after the mass opening of many facilities it kept as everything fell offline. Confusion, skepticism, even near panic of some while everyone was forced to begin salvaging the ruins of society. This was a time young Azqu noticed her mother for the first time in over a century finally look up to the future; her daughters future. This was a moment in history where Azqu found her mother instilling visions about space, stories from a cloudy past about exploration, and of course avoided every mention of synthetics. This is a point where Azqu actually believed Skrell gained these achievements by themselves without the help or love of AI, and AI became a natural evil. Of course, over time as maturity progressed, this forever rooted attitude would loosen up slightly once more knowledge was gained. But this was well after the death of her mother.


Her mothers death was hard after the aging skrell perished from a salvaging related accident. She at this point in her early thirties felt alone and isolated from everyone and everything. It decimated her, forever burnt into her memory. Her mother at this time in her life didn't just become her mother. She became a friend, a companion, and an outlook of wisdom that she suddenly was severed from. She kept the knowledge learnt to heart, dreamt about returning to the skies like her mother, and part of her wanted to forever explore a vast unknown space aimlessly. She wandered for the next century until she managed to finally wander off towards the stars and gain what she felt passionate about in her studies. Science, technology, and application of past robotics skills she learnt in her early life once civilization improved day by day. Uilk, the addition to her name, was the planet she was birthed on, and the planet her mother died on. 

The Contact Era


This was the era she finally branched out in. Every new species proving greater excitement to the entirety of recovered society. She was curious in humans, fearful for the leaked artificial intelligence technology, but as time progressed, she still keeps a core hatred towards synthetics. She understands they are unavoidable. She treats them as tools as much as one would treat a few cent screwdriver. She remembered the distant pain she knew they caused. It's the same 500 year core programming after all. Eventually, she managed to gain a research position within human space, recondition among her co-workers in the back of her mind while she strives to always overcome. Eventually, she found herself working as a research director upon the NSS Aurora.  

What do you like about this character? 

I enjoy the background, the multiple century history briefly described. She has things she hates, loves, traits she gained from childhood, and even what was past traits turned flaws from a late birth within an uncertain era. She looked up when her mother looked up, and she will always have what her mother printed onto her. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability?  7/10

Notes: Looking at the lore for error checking, I'm actually NOT sure when the geneophage was inacted. Maybe in 2185, maybe in 2100. I don't know. This backstory kind of assumed a much later genophage.

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Not too long! Good to see an older Skrell, I like it!


How long has she been in human space, having real face-to-face interaction with AI? Will there still be some substantial leaking through of her ingrained feelings past the "you are a tool" mentality she's adopted?

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1 minute ago, Conspiir said:

Not too long! Good to see an older Skrell, I like it!


How long has she been in human space, having real face-to-face interaction with AI? Will there still be some substantial leaking through of her ingrained feelings past the "you are a tool" mentality she's adopted?

I was probably aiming for around the early 2450's she moved to human space and sought to improve a carrier, learn the culture, etc. Yes, of course there would be face-to-face with intelligence and to keep herself, and her position within human space, she more or less doesn't actively seek the help of an AI if something is needed. If something is surely needed, she keeps distant almost like a weeping era Skrell due to only experiencing Glorsh for 7ish years. Not enough to settle a completely firm antagonistic attitude but enough to hate intelligence to its core for what it has done to society. 


If absolutely pressured, back into a corner by one, then she may lash out at it and verbally set down its very exsistance. 


This is a research director after all, and she understands at the end of the day, if she is vivid about her views, people may find her non-suitable. 

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I don't have any particular issues with the backstory, but the "what makes this species different in roleplay" is extremely generic and vague, with more general information on the Skrell race than actual roleplay differences. Also, it makes it seem as if Skrell are not emotional. Please re-write it after re-reading the article on Skrell.

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