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Give the TCFL Combat Ripley an actual gun

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As of right now, the TCFL combat ripley only has drills and a jury-rigged welder laser for weaponry.
I suggest we do away with the jury-rigged not gun and give them an actual mech-mounted laser carbine, or a plasma cutter if you want them to still not have a proper effective weapon.
Anything but a jury-rigged laser.

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1 hour ago, Kaed said:

What's wrong with jury rigged lasers?

Nothing, for your average joe or a disgruntled miner.
However the TCFL mech is a combat mech and has combat mech targeting boards and weapon capability, as well as belonging to an actual military entity. It should at least have something that doubles as a tool and weapon, as opposed to something jury rigged together.

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I disagree. Giving them a Laser Carbine would suggest that they are an (under-funded) military entity. A jury-rigged welder laser is what mining cobbles up to fight Raiders. I doubt a military institution would use something so crappy in the first place, they'd look at it and go "what the fuck?".

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The jury-rigged lasers are pretty shit, I agree. It's simple enough to resprite it so that the arm doesn't look odd, and a plasma cutter would be far better.

It also restricts their range to close-quarters, which is pretty typical of a combat RIPLEY anyway, but that's not a bad tradeoff considering that plasma cutters are still robust in the intended range they are meant to be in.

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in most cases you're better off just dumping the laser in exchange for utility modules. A drill+RCD+teleporter+energy relay APLU is unstoppable in robust hands. You should try getting creative with the kit, though, a laser carbine would be better in this context.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Theyre not the best funded.  The exosuit itself was bought used. I guess a laser carbine would be ok. Why not make the jury rig don carbine level damage but keep it otherwise as is?

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18 hours ago, DronzTheWolf said:

Hell, just switching it over to a mech-mounted plasma cutter would make it a lot better. 
From a military perspective, it's a tool that doubles as a weapon like a trench shovel.

It actually would be dramatically worse. The jury rigged laser sucks, but the heavy plasma cutter does half its damage.

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