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[Denied] IPC Application - Leudoberct

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BYOND Key: Leudoberct

Character Names: Galliard Isemann, Declan Bynum, Baldric Simmons

Species you are applying to play: IPC – Bishop Accessory Frame

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Not Applicable

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I've always been fascinated with the concept of synthetic intelligence ever since I was a child, from the films 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, iRobot, and games such as the Portal series. It’s always drawn me to it seeing how differing synthetic intelligences react to their state of existence or any bindings/limitations placed upon them, and how they then react in kind to their creators, with the archetypal genocidal mass-murdering robot, such as the terminator, or the less-murderous.

I’ve been playing SS13 for a good while now, and Aurorastation as well, and I’ve been wanting to explore the synthetic side of the server lore through the roleplay of an IPC. I find roleplay revolving around the rights and recognition of synthetic intelligences as living beings, and I think Aurorastation is a good place to find this, with factions such as the Dominians and Jargon Federation being at one end of the spectrum, and the Synthetic Intelligence Movement and the Techno-Conglomerate on the other.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

IPCs, asides from the obvious physical differences from humans, also differ from them in the terms of their vastly varying personalities and history. Many IPCs are treated as simple property rather than as living creatures with sentience and emotions. An IPC could expect to see discrimination both major and minor from various sources, such as the outright hostility of the Jargon Federation and Dominians, to the more cold, corporate outlook of the megacorporations, being viewed as mere tools. An IPC could have varying reactions to their state of existence, some-such being blind servility or rebellion against their treatment. IPCs additionally have no inherent culture of their own, often having to adapt to the culture in which they exist, or sometimes not adapting whatsoever.

Character Name: Atepomarus

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Atepomarus was manufactured by the Bishop corporation at the request of NanoTrasen for use in surgical work aboard NanoTrasen stations. Despite originally being planned to be manufactured by Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, the Bishop frame was instead chosen as a way for the company to flaunt their wealth, due to the exorbitant cost of a Bishop Accessory Frame. Crammed with complex medical data, the unit was thoroughly tested and found ready for deployment.

At first put to use aboard a small NanoTrasen vessel in the medbay, Atepomarus provided healthcare to the crewmembers for a time before being chartered for transferal to another position aboard the Aurora II, to serve in the medical department as a surgeon.

 What do you like about this character?

I like the concept of Atepomarus as I find the thought of people’s reactions to an IPCs presence in the medbay, especially a delicate field such as surgery, very interesting. I want to explore how people might feel about having their life placed in the hands of an IPC rather than a living being. I’d also like to see how Atepomarus might form bonds with the staff of the Aurora, and the ways that their synthetic origin might limit them in doing so.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

It’s pretty hard to rate myself out of fear of being overly or underly generous, but I’ve roleplayed for a very long time across multiple platforms, such as HL2RP, WoW RP, as well as text based roleplay on a MUD named Armageddon. I’ve cultivated a fair few characters across the years that I’ve enjoyed roleplaying. I’d probably put myself at a 7/10.




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I enjoyed my interactions with Declan and find his Surgeon Baldric Simmons great. Totaly agree with his rating of his RP... might even put it a score higher since he is one of the very consistent IC people arround :) Like the concept of his IPC and it fits the current climate very well... many people are unsure or shifting opinions in regard to IPCs in the medbay and i can understand why he'd want to play out parts of it.



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I'm going to be painfully honest and say, even if I do like your other characters, I don't like this one. Primarily because it feels cookie-cutter and, as Kyres likes to say, 'Bot go here, bot do this, bot end up there.' With that in mind I can't really support the application. I enjoy Bynum, Isemann's an irritating character, and I've never met the other. I'd be able to support you if your story was more than a skeleton, to be honest. But it's not. -1

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I can discern absolutely nothing from the backstory. Yes, it is a robot. It does have thoughts, however. This is passable, but you could make it so much more interesting. I see this all the time. Don't just make it a bland explanation on how ended up on the Aurora. Explain what he thinks, how he is programmed to do. Or at least plan it out so you can expose it ingame.

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I understand that people may want to see some big difference in personality to distinguish the IPC from others, but that isn't how I generally tend to plan out my characters. I tend to let their personality evolve and change based off of those around them and events that occur, as the wiki page for IPCs states some do. I also didn't think it was appropriate for a NanoTrasen owned Bishop frame to have some wacky and strange personality- as stated in the backstory, NanoTrasen are using this IPC almost like a showpiece. "Look at us, we can own such an expensive IPC and make it perform complex tasks such as surgery, this is why we are the best", etc. I didn't think it would be suitable for this IPC to then have some strange or peculiar personality, as it would have been handled recently in a rather sterile, corporate environment. I wanted their personality to be defined during play on the Aurora through roleplay. 

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I understand your point. But you can make a personality interesting without making it wacky. Perhaps this robot questions his true purpose--to save people or to flaunt wealth. Does it matter? Is it respected?

But I respect that you want to develop your character. It's just hard to tell if you will or you won't or what direction you'll go in. A faceless IPC is as boring as an NPC.

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I was planning for the IPC to begin as a servile, unquestioning IPC, and for it to then develop itself off of interactions with other people- depending on their actions, the IPC may come to resent their usage by NanoTrasen, or reject humans for their perceived slavery of IPCs, or perhaps on the entirely other end of the spectrum, supporting the heavy monitoring of their kind, etc. I wanted this character to be one that was defined by interactions with others ingame, not by their backstory.

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Let me get a few things straight. The IPC whitelist is not an application to see your understanding of how to play a robot. This sounds stupid, but I'm going to elaborate on this, though.

You are applying to play an integrated positronic chassis, a very specific kind of robot which takes on the properties of an android, and in of itself, takes on its own unique properties. They are, in essence, something I explicitly have tried my best to turn into something that can be a character. Tools can be fun to play, but tools aren't characters. You aren't applying with a tool, as much as some previous applications might imply. You are applying with a character, and proving to me that you are capable of understanding the boundaries IPC lore has in place to outline this character in specific with no issues. With that in mind, I sometimes process based off of whether I think you understand the simple difference between a character and a tool.

I say this a lot in replies, but do not get me wrong. I don't seek to blur the lines between an organic and an IPC by my excessive "characterization." What I intend to do is draw a clear line between them and just your average robot. Why? Because you can just as easily play the average robot. Go play a stationbound - it's that simple. What's blatantly obvious is that you are not applying to play a stationbound. You are applying to play the arguably sentient unbound positronics which are granted rights, and take on the freedom of making an even wider variety of characters, seeking a much wider variety of roles and having much more deeply intricate backgrounds. Not to mention, ironically, they almost have an organic means of character development - they're able to branch out as time goes on, but not immediately after creation.

To move on though, your application is incredibly lackluster. Your backstory is all of five sentences long and, as DasFox echoes, is literally "bot go here bot go there bot end up here" or something. As for your replies to the reasoning behind this, I don't believe your reasoning here -

On 28/05/2019 at 09:58, Leudoberct said:

was planning for the IPC to begin as a servile, unquestioning IPC, and for it to then develop itself off of interactions with other people-

outweighs the points I made above. This also echoes some issues I've seen in the past where people have noted that some extremely barebones characters get through the application process, only to leave the whitelist basically shat on with no effort required. I am not saying you intend to do this, but it's a big red flag to me when I see something, again, barebones.

Application denied. You're free to reapply with a better application at any time.

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