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[1 dismissal] Remove Solitary Cells from Brig

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The objective of this suggestion is simple:


Brig is often the end-all-be-all of Antagonists because they'll be locked into a cell with no way out unless they're Ling with horror or Vamp with Veil Walk (or a Cultist with a tome...which is rare since Security usually confiscates it because 'UHH SUSPICIOUS'). Solitary is even fucking worse. You're dumped into a 2x2 room with nothing to do except afk until roundend or someone decides to free you...which is rare. Security will never interact with you outside of looking at you sternly as they walk by or having their gun ready to shoot you as they talk to you.


Solitary is quite inescapable unless you're the same antagonists mentioned before, under the same circumstances w/ the same abilities (or a traitor w/ a spare backpack of doorhacking shit inside a storage implant).


Communal at least has a not-well-known method of escaping that you can use to escape and progress the round. Solitary has nothing, and can be used by any Officer or HoS for anything as long as it had the words murder in it. We don't need it since it removes all ability of interaction.

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Hmm. That could do. With only one cell, the other antags could escape through communal using the secret method I talked about earlier and then hacking off the wall by the isolation cell and freeing them, or just making it a fake wall so ANY prisoner can escape there

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I have to agree with prate. 

What are you supposed to do with a person that is constantly trying to break out of communal or attacking other people there if solitary is removed? 

Solitary is needed to deal with that kind of people. 

If you are put in there for minor crimes you should ahelp. 

Therefore voting for dismissal

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People that end up in solitary generally earn it through dumb actions such as harming themselves, breaking things, and generally being a pain to deal with. The first place they go to is the regular cells and communal. If you are an antag and want to escape, you should perhaps put some thinking into it, lest you end up in solitary. Even if you remove it, security will still find alternatives which may prove worse.

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