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[Denied] GlitterGuts Command Application

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BYOND key: GlitterGuts

Character names:

Chloe Welsh
Adrian McKinnley
Jajii Lod'ur
Seel'maru Kai'sa
Tito Ta'an
Kozi Karr'
Kor Laux
Matzi Lodurr
Yagma Izwurla
Tatamii Izwurla
Yashi Izwurla
Kuranai Izwurla
ROBO SLOT (for borgs)
Merko Izwurla
Ishimari Izwurla
Zabii Vezel
Richard O'Neal
PAX - T1
Mitchael Roddiker

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: About a month and a half, although I played for a little while beforehand on an alternate account.

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I really like Aurora and I'd like to be able to take in a little more responsibility, especially during those low-pop hours when there is little authority to guide people. I also think I have what it takes to develop my characters into heads that CC could be proud of. I've been encouraged by several friends to try for CE especially.

Why did you come to Aurora?: I really wanted to escape the free-for-all chaos of servers like Fulps or Toolbox where even non-antags will ruin your day for pretty much no reason. Its also nice to play with other people who want to keep IC and act according to their roles.

Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: I think I've read them all, as well as all the guides for dept operation.

Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? When I first joined, I didn't fully understand the rules and got myself booted for a week. I've overcome it as it was more of an RP issue, due to ignorance rather than malicious intent. I also got a 1 day ban once because I lagged as antag and it ruined my entire plan and got me robusted. I rage quit but I've grown out stuff like that.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is staying in the role, job or position assigned to you. This means staying in your lane and doing things only that character should reasonably know. That means no janitors doing brain surgery or officers messing with SM setup, etc. This also means acting according to your characters history in a reasonable way, whether that be attributed to the played race, contractor, or home-system. Roleplay should also be about creating opportunities for others to react, rather than powergaming. This could be things like doctors wordlessly injecting people with chems, for good or bad, or being an antag and gassing the whole station with phoron with no buildup or suspense (although that example should be avoided anyway).

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, in game?: A head of staff is meant to give direction to the crew of their assigned department as well as help guide emergency measures should a particular threat pertain to them or their department. They also act as the local authority, keeping their underlings in check should they step out of line, as well as lending the less experienced a hand. A head should also be a role-model, and should be the image of responsibility and willpower in the face of crisis, knowing the ins and outs of their department as well as what to do for each type of emergency. Just generally keeping people from running amok and keeping a clear, safe working space.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I think whitelisted players are responsible for teaching new players, as well as making sure people aren't doing anything that is wasting department resources or putting it in harms way. Some departments more than others can be a bit much to handle for new players so its their responsibility to step in and do it for them should they bork it (IE: atmos, SM, Toxins, surgery, etc.) I think whitelisted players are also responsible for setting a good example for players who are learning, so that they understand the standard that should be held. That being said, I think whitelisted people should give antags something to work with, rather than using their authority to powergame and snuff out the other players plans before they even get to RP (IE, brigging wizard just because). They should help progress the story, rather than halt it entirely, although there comes a point where they do need to step it up and try to stop them full force if the antag forgoes the RP altogether (refer to phoron griefing above). I plan on upholding these by doing round-start check ins. Taking care of apprentices/RA's/interns/cadets accordingly, taking them in and showing them the ropes, or stepping in when I notice something awry. I feel that I have the know-how the the departments to teach people how to get started without completely spoiling the fun parts for them. For things like Hos I plan to prioritize negotiation with antags over outright arming sec to destroy them, allowing the antag to give their part as well as conserve department resources.

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Due to instability in Tau-Ceti and Biesel in general, and the new host of synths and xeno-life, Aurora has been introduced to a wide range of diverse races and machines. Tau-ceti is trying to make itself out as a stronghold of freedom and diversity while operating alongside NT supervision.

CRATUS is my G2 engineer. He's been contracted to work on the Aurora. Regulations stop them from becoming a head (due to being a contractor), which in his case is an aspiration, to take on the responsibility and duty so his work can be truly appreciated. His work an aurora is helping him work off his life-debt and buy his freedom and leaving Hephaestus to try and become a part of Aurora for good. Once free, they will go through the mediums to ensure their road to becoming a CE is finally realized. Although he doesn't have the qualifications /yet/, he will in time. The synthetic intelligence movement has put pressure on those trying to subdue the rise of intelligent machines as well as working towards better rights for IPCs, as the idea of "sentience" in machines is very iffy for some.

What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? I plan on playing CE and HoP for the most part. Engineering is my favorite department by far, and the idea of leading security or science isn't that inviting to me at the moment but Ill likely warm up to it. I already have a character that's primed and striving for CE so I feel its only natural. HoP also interests me simply because I've seen other who have made wonderful and interesting characters for it and it's inspired me to make my own and try my hand at it. I do plan on playing HoS, RD, CMO eventually but not until I get a grasp of CE or HoP first, saving captain for last.

Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: I plan on using my current engineer CRATUS for my CE. They works under Hephaestus currently but will soon purchase their freedom (should I get whitelisted) and resign from Hephaestus to become a permanent part of aurora. (after consulting some lore devs, I see that they just aren't experienced or qualified enough to jump from Heph to Aurora overnight.) If for some reason that's not possible, im more than willing to make a new character to become CE. My HoP is called Yama Tsugoyuomi, a human originally from Sol III. My CE would be Xaibu Eksala, an Unathi from Moghes.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?: 7/10? I feel im good but I slip up every now and then. Im only human after all, but im still getting better every day ❤️

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I fully understand that and will take whitelists as a sign of trust. Ill do what I can to be an example for others to follow as well as someone CC can be proud of :3

Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yep, I always consult the wikis for whitelists and advice, as well as my in game friends.

Extra notes:

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We've had 2 rounds where we closely worked together which have influenced my decision here, although I believe we've interacted before. So here is what I have to say:

Good player and decent RP-er. Although the situations we've been in so far didn't lend to much place for RP, I found Cratus enjoyable enough to be interested to get to know him more, and was very useful all throughout the round. I do, however, acknowledge, that there is room to improve-- but regardless of it, I think they'd make a great CE!

Now after a few more days, I can add more feedback:

Play Tsugoyomi more please! I freaking love it. That whole round was amazing, and you just made it even more so. Teach me xenobotany next time!

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Just adding more feedback
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6 hours ago, BoryaTheSlayer said:

Although the situations we've been in so far didn't lend to much place for RP

yea, it sucks when you play a job that doesn't lend itself well to RP like someone tucked away in xenobotany or toxins (pretty much any sublevel science for that matter) because you rarley get to interact with people if you're caught up in your work. Although its a good place to get away from chaos if shit hits the fan on main level.

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Glitter is always a great addition to any round. I've interacted the most with CRATUS, and I can say with certainty that they know what they are doing, and not only that understand the concept of roleplay without focusing entirely on mechanics. They're always fun to be around and, past that, whenever I see their characters in round I'm usually sure that whatever job they have will be done right.

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I have had nice interactions with them ooc, and while I would like to see them a bit more ICly (but unfortunately life is preventing me from playing atm). Their responses are nice, and give me the impression they plan to do good things with their whitelist. Only comment I have is the contractor to nt employee to CE, might take them a while but I can see it being something that can be done


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+1. Excellent interactions OOCly, a distinct desire to improve and always aspiring to get involved with as much of the scenario as possible. Their responses are sound and interactions even better. Would be glad to see more of them ICly where I've had only passing abilities to see them, due to my typical profession as Sec being busy with so many antagonist shenanigans.

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+1 Read through the application and thought the questions were answered well. After experiencing an interesting character they made, how they rp'd as them and just generally watching around the station I can safely say they would manage a command role well. I have a similar problem to Sytic - security is my little corner I enjoy, but on an extended round I just had I did get to see you for a bit and I loved all of it.

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Your application is strong and you've gathered a good amount of positive feedback, however we're going to be denying this application due to the fact you have quite an extreme amount of staff entries. If you wish for me to go into a bit more detail/show you the entries don't hesitate to poke me on discord.

I recommend you try to follow the rules more closely and reapply in a couple of months.

Application denied.

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10 hours ago, HouseOfSynth said:

... however we're going to be denying this application due to the fact you have quite an extreme amount of staff entries.

I came with the sseth wave and was fairly new to Aurora when I started. I was on Fulps before here and it was a much different atmosphere im sure you know. The tickets I've received were more of a learning experience and I never did anything out of mal-intent or trying to subvert the rules, just ignorance as I learned the norms of the server. I'm not excusing anything bad I did when I came here but I can assure you that I've grown out of the habits other servers gave me. I'm sure there are people who can testify for me if you ask around. From what I know I haven't done anything egregious, just lots of small things that I learned along the way (engine setup stuff, forgetting char settup options, forgetting to enable autohiss etc). I also pm admins a lot for help or advice (Im not sure if that counts towards my notes or not)

Considering that both my app was strong and people support it, as you said yourself, and I don't think the way I used to play should overshadow that. I hope you reconsider as I think waiting months to reapply is a bit excessive. Like so many others I was never even on trial to try and explain myself and try to make amends. If there is any course of action I could take to help buff things out I would like to know. If you do reconsider and instate it, you can strip my whitelist at anytime or administer disciplinary action as you see fit, should I stray for some reason. I'd just like to prove that I have what I takes and that I've matured as a player.

On a side note, if my strong app or good feedback we'rent going to sway your decision to deny my app, you really should have just denied it right away. I really had my hopes up but you made me wait through the agony and suspense only to crush my feelings over something that wasnt going to have changed your mind over the grace period. Its just really upsetting to have waited that long and then be snuffed out and told to wait months to try again.

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