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[Denied] AccointNaim's Skrell Application (Zuqarsh Wazka)

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BYOND Key: AccointNaim

Character Names:image.png.91e0cebb3b655736599397411dbb4429.png 

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: White, due to being born on Aliose and my own lack of creativity.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:  Yep!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've had experiences with Skrell like Simfanatic's Ziiq-Luu Xrim, and [I forgot]'s Yonosh Nuux, which got me interested in the lore, and all of that of Skrell, I've read it here and there but never got around to making an app.

Secondly, I like their mechanics, telepathy has always appealed to me, overpassed by being a robot lizard, the Srom is also fairly unique, though I've never seen it used in game, I am not sure it even exists in game.

Thirdly, I like the roleplay aspects of all of it, (almost) all of the skrell distrusting AI, some of them outright hating them, I think it results in some interesting conflict, especially since skrell code makes up most of the AI code, if not all of it. Emotions are very different from most of the other species, also making for interesting roleplay in people struggling to understand them, apart from skrell, plus the Humor, which is very humorous.

Lastly, they can be command roles, which I would like to be at a later date, since Aut'akh cannot be command.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Psionics. Explanatory, the Skrell can use telepathy, the shroud Srom, and a new edition, The Wake, The Wake is a though field which allows passively sharing with other skrell, which influences them to think like them, and vice versa, though this can only happen to Receivers, with Listeners just, like the name implies, just listens to the Wake, not being effected. The Srom is just a more louder version of the Wake, and is only avaliable during sleep, if they are in a very deep sleep they may mutter out things they are saying in the Srom, while lightly sleeping they can stop doing that, but will remain tired, I cannot really learn how the one sentence of meditating works however, but I assume it allows light sleeping without muttering, technically.

Skrell can use a variety of focus, and pressing againts the temples, to use a very localised Srom to talk to each other like a private radio, without needing to talk. They may do this on alien races, but it's outlawed by the federation on non-consenting aliens, deemed as assault.

Culture. Skrell are encouraged by the Jargon Federation to be what they call "Idols", which are ideal federation members, and represent the face of the federation, this is further encouraged with rewards like a luxury space yacht, luxury space hotel room on said space yacht, and other luxuries, the Idols are chosen on popularity, for instance a good scientist which helped X town with Y, and got insanely popular with that town may be shown to other towns, even an entire region to try to get other skrell to pursue what the Idol did, or something similar.

Pop Culture is also a way to encourage skrell to be better, using films and other media as outlets, which the skrell hungrily consume. It is currently unknown if the Jargon Federation uses memes to do this too, however.


Character Name: Zuqarsh Wazka

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Born in the Supernova Era 13 years before the integration of the Dionaea into the workforce, Wazka at age 114 is currently applying for Xenobiologist on the NSS Aurora, but how did we get here?

Born to a Qu'Pluux on Aliose in 2347, to one of the few Skrell in the area that had one of the prototype fertility treatments, many professional tutors from the previous era eagerly asked to teach the newly born tadpoles, a couple weeks later they had already began teaching the tadpoles basic Nral'Malic, and how evil synthetics are, for safe measure. At age 5, Wazka went to a Kindergarten in Fedas, and got to reading and learning about the Dionaea being taught by the kindergarten teachers. Wazka graduated the first class of Kindergarten in 2357, and secondary was about the same, graduating in 2366.

Wazka went to three colleges after this, with Ziaqa College in Biology, and to two other colleges in Xenobiology, and Biochemistry, graduating them all in 2409 after failing some, and reapplying to the colleges again. Zuqarsh Wazka, with their college degrees in hand, set their eyes apon a job before pursuing higher education, applying for a Xenobiology Assistant in studying and containing the out of control slimes on a frontier world, four years later, they discovered that Humanity was found, turning their head towards a possibly brighter future for both races, Wazka eagerly applied to AUMS, and got accepted, and graduated with fields in Biology and Xenobiology in 2453, after which they learned about the newly created Republic of Biesel, curious about how many Unathi, Humans, Tajara, and other Skrell lived and worked there, they started learning Tau Ceti Basic at a nearby Tau Ceti Basic Learning Center. In 2454 they applied for another xenobiology job in order to save up enough money to buy enough accomadations in Tau Ceti, transiting to Tau Ceti in 2458, they learned of a very spiffy research station of the NSS Aurora, in 2460 and now, in the first sentence above, is applying to work there.


What do you like about this character?

I have realised this is a very generic skrell. So I like their Genericness, I guess. Apart from that, a very enthusiastic skrell about learning about other species, and making friends with them, even though they might seem heartless, though the main reason for this is curiosity, Zuqarsh is curious about humans, tajara, unathi, dionaea, and vaurca, and like most other skrell will try to deeply probe them to find out their likes, dislikes, and history. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

7/10 to 8/10, I think I provide reasonable RP to interactions, though I am no way a master.


Give me some criticism, I need it. Please.

Edited by AccointNaim
Added/Removed things in the WDYLATC section, and added Yonosh Nuux as an inspiration.
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Interacted with Kalna a few times, they are a character with a good grasp on the lore of Aut'akh Unathi.


A critique of this would be that it doesn't have any examples of the character's interactions with the world. Describing an important event in the character's life in detail is a great way to get a glimpse at what their personality is like, I think.


That said, I think it's a valid app still. Hopefully Zuqarsh is aboard Aurora soon.

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I would love to know how Zuqarsh has come to view their own species and the aliens through the years. Do they just "like" their job, or are they really passionate for it? I want a glimpse of the personality behind Zuqarsh, how their history has made them who they are. Maybe a hobby they enjoy?


I feel like you have a grasp of what makes a Skrell, a Skrell. I want to know what makes Zuqarsh happy.

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27 minutes ago, Conspiir said:

*Things about job, their species, and other things*

Ah fuck, forgot to brush over that didn't I.

Species: Since Zuqarsh grew up with Skrell, and lived with them most their life, plus with the Newly Added(TM) Wake and being a reciever (something that I also brushed over), Zuqarsh has many of the thoughts of the other Skrell about the species that they discovered, though Zuqarsh does have some different views on some species. Such as Dionaea, Zuqarsh really /loves/ the Dionaea, as they lived around them alot, and would like to see them doing something amazing one day, if there is a Dionae on the station, they will be there with them atleast once. They are also very interested in Vaurca though a little scared due to them being twice their size, they will be asking questions about their Queen, and all of that, if there is a Vaurca on the station, maybe they will be there. Everything from here on out is generic skrell culture things.

Hobbies: Reading, mostly, it passes the time and allows them to learn more things, though playing with the slimes is a close second.

Personality: Curious. Very curious, like if you have a stone in your shoe, they will find out through your barber somehow.

Job Happiness: They are extremely passionate about it, knowing about the Dionaea made them wonder if there were other civilizations, and with the Vaurca arriving in Tau Ceti to make contact with humanity, and thus the other races. They are hopeful a new race will do the same, and that they will have first contact with them.

What makes them happy: Their hobby, obviously, but also others being happy, especially skrell. The Wake, from what they learned, caused lots of people to experience the loss of others in the Glorsh Era, they don't want that to happen again, through selfishness? Maybe, but it benefits other receivers aswell.

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On 07/06/2019 at 03:25, AccointNaim said:

one of the few Skrell in the area that wasn't sterilized

All Skrell were sterilized in the Glorsh era. Did you mean fertility treatments?

On 07/06/2019 at 03:25, AccointNaim said:

two other colleges in Xenobiology, and Biochemistry, that I am too uncreative to make up


On 07/06/2019 at 03:25, AccointNaim said:

after which they started learning Tau Ceti Basic at a nearby Tau Ceti Basic Learning Center. In 2435 they applied for another xenobiology job in order to save up enough money to buy enough accomadations in Tau Ceti, transiting to Tau Ceti in 2458, they learned of a very spiffy research station of the NSS Aurora, in 2461


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I'm going to start off with a few things that I noticed reading the application before I critique the overall application.



Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've had experiences with Skrell like Simfanatic's Ziiq-Luu Xrim, and others which I forgot the names of,

I appreciate you mentioning one Skrell at the very least but even though it's only a couple of words " and others which I forgot the names of," it feels like a filler. It's like saying you've got examples without having them, which is moot and redundant? 


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

You covered psionics/wake, idols and pop culture. Are those the only bits you're interested in? How about how they interact? Biology? Their place in the galaxy? While volume wise the answer is good enough, I feel the scope is limited. 



Please provide a short backstory for this character

For what you filled, it's a bit cliche? Lackluster? The Skrell was born, studied, got three degrees, heard of a cool station in Tau Ceti and works there as a xenobiologist. What drives them? Why are they curious about the species? Why did they pick their field of study? Did they excel? Did they struggle to fit in? What's their belief in the Federation? Do you have an actual age for them? I don't need all questions answered but it does help to have some insight to the character you're applying for. I can change a few key phrases right now and the application could work for Humans, Unathi and Tajara moving to Tau Ceti. Your application could stand to make it unique in that it makes them different from other species background wise. 


What do you like about this character?

They want to make friends. Are there no other aspects you could point out about the character that you like?


I don't think the application is bad, it could use some work though to make it better.

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idk man

You were kind of mean-spirited recently in dsay when I expressed frustration that someone didn't fall into a trap I thought their character should have, immediately assuming that I was the antag and saying you thought that I was "just mad I didn't kill anyone". I mean, I'm whiny too sometimes, but the fact that you didn't see why I had an issue, combined with the fact that you immediately discredited what I was saying as 'you're just mad that someone didn't want to die', kinda puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Just a couple weeks ago, I ahelped your aut'akh going around in full clown gear as a bartender, picking out joke books from the library, etc. Your character didn't give any reason why they would do that, but I can think of several, several reasons why they wouldn't, just by nature of being an aut'akh and an employee of NanoTrasen. I don't know whether I feel comfortable with you recieving another whitelist so soon after that.

Your character is really generic, as you've stated. That's not always bad, I guess, but your genericism comes from a lack of place within the world. Your characters personality is: 'likes their job, likes people being happy, likes making friends'. This is an incredibly overdone and uninteresting set of traits for a character, because it's tied to what's 'beneficial' in a given round. Try to give your character vices, flaws, interests, something that stands out.

Finally, I get you're jokin around when you say "I'm uncreative lol" but that doesn't really excuse laziness. You don't need to be creative to make up names for places, you just need to take the time to do it. The fact that you needed to be poked by the lore dev with the most powerful ":/" in the galaxy to take that effort in your whitelist, perhaps the character you can least afford to be lazy on, also makes me feel uncomfortable about the effort we'll see in your actual play.

-1 :(

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Right. Considering the overall "genericness" of this application, as you admit it, the clear signs that you didn't really put effort into this application, and the feedback and what I personally know about your history, I will be denying this. You may re-apply as soon as right now, but I expect a more complex character to be presented. Archiving.

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