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Hephaestus G2 frame integrated magboots


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I'd like to suggest that Hephaestus G2 frames get integrated magboots. They already walk at the speed of someone with magboots turned on in a voidsuit, and they're supposed to be heavy industrial units. I think it seems a bit silly for said heavy industrial units to be knocked down by rushes of air, as they'd assumedly have some pretty powerful stabilisation systems due to their weight.

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I mean, we don't know the force applied but those 'rushes of air', but, I agree they shouldn't affect industrial frames which weight who knows how many hundreds of kilograms like they affect humans who weight around 70-80kg


If the rush of air is enough to knock down an industrial frame, it's enough to throw a human flying away and maybe kill him if he hits something.

If the rush of air is only enough to knock down a human, it's not enough to move the industrial frame even a bit.


HOWEVER. Magboots also prevent you from falling down holes, so it's not the same.

I agree with giving Industrial Frames immunity to rushes of air, but not integrated magboots.

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