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Re-color and re-sprite engineering

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Engineering's art style is kinda old and there's a lot of things that could be better.

Presently, engineering stands out as one of the least fashionable departments as their color scheme contrasts heavily from everyone else. They also use awful, matte versions of yellow and orange that have very little depth shading to them, so the brightest colors are also often huge blobs of BRIGHT and it's an eye sore on the screen. Likewise, only command should have gold/yellow accents, imo.

As a color scheme, I suggest desert mauve, tannum brown and corian brown for their color scheme. Floor tiles based around engineering should be desert mauve and so should the engineering lockers. Sienna brown should be the color accent for jumpsuits and other stripes that exist across the known plane of Engineering.
Desert mauve:

Sienna brown:
Corian brown: 
Tan brown:

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