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[IC] Research Expedition Waivers Adjustments

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My personal belief is that paperwork shouldn't be used as a way to delay people too much from doing a thing. Paperwork can sometimes add some spice and enjoyable aspects, but I feel that in the case of expeditions, they are a brick wall that research directors need to break down with their bare hands just to get expeditions going so that they wouldn't face severe consequences as expeditions can be quite dangerous.

I propose that all crew members, by default, as part of their employment contract, have effectively signed a waiver for participating in these expeditions and that in the absence of a Captain, a Director can still order an expedition. This cuts down on a cumbersome process that takes up time, even if it was only a five minute process, that is time that could be spent on more engaging things for the players.


This is the waiver.




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Just noticed a typo with the arrest for sedation lmao

Anyway, I totally support the idea. In first proposals of the expedition stuff, some particular CCIA definitely made paperwork appear a means to deter too many people from going to an expedition, which I consider really unjust. Why deter people from having fun in the round? This fixes quite a majority of the issue. So, +1 from me.

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So long as expeditions are still on a volunteer basis (you can't be forced to go along if you don't want to, or you can't force all of security to go just because there's no captain or HoS to tell you no) I agree with this. Just because the agreement is implicit doesn't mean it should be expected as part of your job.

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We can perhaps make a new waiver form that is basically a list where the RD adds the crew that will go on an expedition, and doesn't need captain approval, instead of printing one for each expedition member. Some form of paper existing that lists who goes and who doesn't, is good imo.

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