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Ghost Roles

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I am currently working on adding ghost roles and ghost spawners.
The ghost spawner menu will replace the "Spawn Rat" and "Join as Drone" ghost command, as well as various staff spawners.

The goal is to provide a single, relatively easy to expand system which can be used to add ghost roles.

If you have any ideas for or questions about those roles, reply below.


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25 minutes ago, ferner said:

Will this system encompass human/silicon mobs in all flavours, with being able to spawn them in specific outfits?

Humans definitely.
Silicons should be possible aswell.

1 minute ago, Datamatt said:

will derelict survivors ever happen?

Quite Possible

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I had an idea for a potential ghost role, something that the merchant can summon if they want to, like a guard, assisting merchant, or perhaps a pet?
I've seen them be adminbussed in before, and the merchant job can get lonesome at times.

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