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Staff Complaint-Alberyk, ParadoxSpace

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BYOND Key: Bygonehero

Staff BYOND Key: ParadoxSpace,Alberyk

Game ID:N/A

Reason for complaint: Applying a note despite doing nothing wrong , after the fact, and from conclusions that didn't include me in a situation but did include the person complained about's metafriends, that ultimately devolved the conversation successfully. (did I mention a headmin said It was ok?)


Additional remarks: this is unbelievable, and I cant really accept this either. I would love to know how @ParadoxSpace And @Alberyk reached their conclusions. Evidence please. 

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First; the decision was not taken by paradox alone.

Second: claiming that they are metabuddies is a big claim, you are going to need some proof to back that up.

Third: the player in question were already banned, they will still have that ban in their notes, we just found that one week was a bit too much, and we lowered to three days.

And last: we put a note, not a warning or any kind of punishment on your ckey, because we did believe that you were getting out of your way as an AI just to deny someone access to atmos, which is fine, but you were also being really combatitive with the rest of the crew, which also includes not replying your laws when people kept asking for several minutes. We also took in consideration your comments in the ahelps.



[2019-07-13 06:38:32.938] b2d-aY5b SAY:  /(Berko Mutema) : (Ceti Basic) Jus' tah be shure, you 'ave yahr othahr laws.

[2019-07-13 06:39:47.369] b2d-aY5b SAY: /(Berko Mutema) : (Ceti Basic) Aye eye, steht <i>ahl</i> ahf yahr laws.


[2019-07-13 06:56:07.796] b2d-aY5b SAY: /(Berko Mutema) : (Ceti Basic) Aye eye, steht all laws. <i><b>All.</i></b>

[2019-07-13 06:58:23.483] b2d-aY5b SAY: /(Cynosure) : Current Active Laws:.





[2019-07-13 06:06:06.060] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: HELP: BygoneHero/(): Station Engineers are doing atmos techs jobs, pretty bullshit, and why no one plays atmos tech - heard by 4 non-AFK admins.
[2019-07-13 06:08:08.293] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): far as i see they have the skills and training for it so
[2019-07-13 06:09:13.468] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: BygoneHero/()->Garnascus/(): why even have atmos tech at all lol
[2019-07-13 06:09:31.266] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): no idea tbh
[2019-07-13 06:09:46.858] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: BygoneHero/()->Garnascus/(): if not even admins are going to enforce the job knowledge o.o boggles the mind
[2019-07-13 06:10:55.756] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): they have an average skill set. what kind of atmopsherics are they doing?
[2019-07-13 06:13:03.238] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: BygoneHero/()->Garnascus/(): 10 bucks says they optimize it as soon as they get access, if they do get access
[2019-07-13 06:13:27.152] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: BygoneHero/()->Garnascus/(): Its absolutely the reason why no one plays atmos, because you admins dont enforce that knowledge
[2019-07-13 06:13:47.075] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: BygoneHero/()->Garnascus/(): Just how theres a large body of knowledge difference in medical, so too in engineering
[2019-07-13 06:14:00.983] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): well even the wiki just has "seven years of engineering experience" for both station engineer and atmospheric technician. Under the letter of the law here it is acceptable.
[2019-07-13 06:14:13.987] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): or an appropriate bachelors degree.
[2019-07-13 06:14:27.375] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: BygoneHero/()->Garnascus/(): should just remove the role entirely
[2019-07-13 06:14:43.072] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): That is not something i am capable of doing

[2019-07-13 06:15:07.270] b2d-aY5b ADMIN: PM: Garnascus/()->BygoneHero/(): all i can tell you is this does appear to obey the letter of the law



So, yes, I believe that you were causing all that fuss due to someone just breaking into atmos because you had an ooc reason, looking at the argument you had with garn.

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When I realized they wanted me to state laws, I did so. There was alot of chat logs going on between that, as well as PDA logs.


I am not complaining about your decision to lift the ban early.


As for that ahelp, I ahelped because she was breaking into atmospherics. That ahelp was to determine if she was even allowed to have the knowledge required in the first place. It happened after the break-in started, too.

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As for the metabuddy claim, Rostango specifically tagged multiple individuals that, were not really involved in the complaint, because she knew these people would defend her. These same people did indeed defend her, and their posts were deleted by someone because it was ultimately irrelevant to the conversation.


Paradox was one of the people tagged, and she herself said that she talked to Paradox about alleged evidence concerning the complaint. My problem with you tapping paradox to assist with judging the complaint is pretty simple.


If the trend continues with the people Rostango tagged, and that she talked with Paradoxspace PRIOR to even volunteering to help you with the complaint, then how do you know Paradoxspace gave an unbias opinion in the verdict?


I wish I got to talk with the judges about the evidence before they made a decision but that wouldnt be acceptable, why is it in Paradox's case?

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Verdict time!

Okay, so from all that I can gather, it was a busy and overall hectic round with tons of attention dividing issues. As the AI has access to all channels and species spesific channels, (And local channels if they're a cheeky cunt), its not always easy to catch a snippets of questions or law statements.

As for denying them entry to atmos, this is perfectly fine, and circumventing a lockout can be taken as malicious sabotage, regardless of who the perpetrator is. Atmos is already set up to a basic degree on roundstart, meaning noone will ever suffocate if its not tweaked. There will always be air available.

I get the frustration to the lack of enforcement between the two jobs, although the atmos setup is less difficult than setting up the supermatter. So perhaps this is something that needs to be addressed somewhere else.


So TL;DR. I will expunge this note as you didnt really do anything wrong.

I will be archiving this in about 24h unless there are other issues.

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