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  1. ParadoxSpace

    Medicine Side Effects

    As someone who hates everything, this is a lovely set of suggestions. Although, I would like for soporific to be made to metabolize much faster, and for keloderm to stop working. Thanks, that'll be all.
  2. ParadoxSpace

    RIGs re-haul and re-balance

    I'm only in support of this if RIGs are made producable. Otherwise, the station gets exactly 3 choices if they don't hack the vault. This is incredibly limited.
  3. ParadoxSpace

    Field Medic - 1 dismissal

    yeah go ahead and close it
  4. ParadoxSpace

    Increase the chance for the tau ceti legion to spawn

    Personally, I support. Legion is better gameplay-wise, both in the team and for antags. They're more coordinated and use more actual tactics instead of being 6 lone-wolfing Power Rangers that you can't bargain with. Plus, we already set it up that ERT isn't stationed near the Aurora anymore, they're with the Upsilon.
  5. ParadoxSpace

    Recent Tesla Nerfs

    ok let me reconfigure my argument With the current PR in place, rod count and engine setup does not change what size of tesla you can set up. No matter how many grounding rods you put in place, no matter how good of a setup you have, eventually a tesla with 10 balls will chew through any amount of rods, and any given engine setup.
  6. ParadoxSpace

    Recent Tesla Nerfs

    I don't like it because it means that the Tesla, which some engineers favor over the SM, will go from 'sparingly used' to 'never used', and I guarantee 9/10 CE's will just ban it outright.
  7. ParadoxSpace

    Recent Tesla Nerfs

    As a recent bugfix also became a nerf (completely under my nose, my fault), the tesla has been changed lately by @PoZe >There is no max limit of balls, but if Tesla has 9 or more balls it will start melting down tesla coils and grounding rods. If Tesla has 10 or more balls it will start to target emitters and melt them as well. Personally, I don't like it. I don't want to have to constantly watch the Tesla even if I've ordered extra grounding rods. The Tesla doesn't generate too much power to begin with at 10 balls compared to a standard phoron setup. It's a needless nerf.
  8. ParadoxSpace

    New human sprites, thanks

    They look super fucking grey.
  9. ParadoxSpace

    Field Medic - 1 dismissal

    Paramedics and EMTs will be removed in the NBT. Jokes aside, they would be primarily extracting people from situations. Field Medics would not be extracting, just doing on-sight fixing/trauma surgery even. In an emergency scenario, if a Field Medic is present, she makes the call as to whether extraction is necessary or not. Also, Paramedics fetch corpses.
  10. ParadoxSpace

    Field Medic - 1 dismissal

    The following plan. Reduce Officer or Cadet slots by 1. That slot is then replaced with a Field Medic/Medical Specialist/what have you. Their duties are twofold. Serve on the backlines in combat situations, treating and stabilizing people, and occasionally working with on-site Medical personnel if medevac is required. (Perhaps they could do trauma surgery as well.) Secondly, when times are slow, they are also expected to serve as a prison doctor, to ensure prisoners are healthy, fed, and well. Medics are not much of fighters, and any weapons they carry are to be used for breaching, rescue, or as a last resort to defend themselves or patients.
  11. ParadoxSpace

    New human sprites, thanks

    I'm really not a fan of that second sprite. It looks really gross @Resilynn and I really don't think you ran it through /all/ the hat and hair sprites. As to Amory's sprites, they're okay, but that is not what boobs look like.
  12. ParadoxSpace

    Holographic Plants + more drink dispensers

    @Arrow768 what now @AmoryBlaine cannot be done for purposes relating to skeletons.
  13. ParadoxSpace

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    Aut'akh wouldn't know if their lifespans are any longer, because they've only existed for 10 years.
  14. ParadoxSpace

    [1 dismissal] Add Instruments to loadout

    I was being sarcastic.
  15. ParadoxSpace

    [1 dismissal] Add Instruments to loadout

    Not until instrument code is updated and made not bad. Voting for dismissal.