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  1. So long as she does not focus on solely Eridani, I don't have any major reasons why not.
  2. This is about sick as fuck and very unique. I really, really like this.
  3. Can we cop an IPC version for baselines?
  4. I really love the new sprite, as the old helmet has always confused me (plus it was kind of a bland look outside of the pauldrons anyway.) I'd love to see your takes on other species versions of it, it looks mean but not for combat.
  5. You can reopen this some other time.
  6. I think reducing chances for loyalist would be funny, while keeping rev the same. It'd also prevent every rev round from being 'jackbooted thugs enforce the captain's iron fist'
  7. Arguably, Medical has an equal responsibility to be identifiable on sight. Yet, we haven't had massive issues with Medical before except edge cases. Medical does not have this notice. I wonder why there hasn't been massive issues lately? Likely because head of staff discretion is just fine.
  8. I suppose I'll address the hippopotamus in our backdoor pool. This post, alongside your general attitude the last time you were CCIA. Why is this time going to be different?
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rIYeATmGAP48HXia97WeHnY6Yl9Ym7V198mG132ryKU/edit?usp=sharing here is essay 3 to satisfy the new requirements.
  10. Delete this if peanut gallery, but. Yes, all I said was that 1) It's to make IRs go faster, which they desperately need to. 2) It's extremely impolite to name someone to air your 'grievances' without actually coming forth and saying anything about them, if they're so egregious that Lancer needs to be replaced by a retired staff member. It would've been preferable for you to state your actual issues with it first, instead of 'my friends say you've been doing badly, why are you decreasing CCIA workload?'
  11. How many times did you see this before we had the reg. Is Research not Research? Is Command not Command? This is unevenly applied.
  12. Hello, I'll try to keep this short. The current CCIA notice is that Security, basically, cannot have shit from the loadout at all except for Security items. I find this unnecessary. Historically, we've just operated off 'You have to wear your department colors, preferably an armband, preferably the uniform, the HoS has full control over what you do and don't wear.' It's always worked, and only in edge cases are Security completely unrecognizable as Security (unless they are intentionally dressing to deceive.) It doesn't serve any actual purpose besides stifling customization. Also, it is an unevenly applied regulation. Why does Security have this, and not Medical, or Research, or Command? I don't think it's good, and I think it should be rolled back to HoS discretion.
  13. Please be nice to animals.

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      I will be nicer to lore writers.

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      Me being nice to animals: 


  14. We already have J-ERT. This is not necessary.
  15. >Why would a member of the hive important enough to it's survival be sent off to some hellhole? ok so historically the job of female breeders (as they are the ones that are unbound) was literally just to lay eggs, be an understudy of a lesser queen incase they kick the liquid storage device, and controlling hive-cells generally female breeders that aren't lesser queens are in charge of hive cells, which are very numerous. each vaurca of a hive is in a hive cell and these numbers can range anywhere from like 12 dudes (sitting 5 feet apart cause they aren't gay) to the thousands (it depends on how in-demand the job is) while they aren't exactly as common as workers or warriors, they are absolutely nonvital to operations their recent job has been to act as representatives because it would be pretty much a waste of resources if eggs was all they did >'they're more sociable than the other castes' correct, sort of. while there's hardly any antisocial vaurca, breeders possess the most social intelligence and likely have by far the most training in other species' customs, systems, etc. workers/warriors can also be socially inclined, especially if C'thur, but it's not their function or purpose. they don't send them for that in a capacity such as this. (oocly they cannot be guarded because alb doesn't want consular guards) >And the... important mama bug was fighting? this was a breach of lore and it's not something they are actually meant to do they are not meant to put in literally any hard labor or any fighting unless there's deadass no one else to do it >mechanics They are not any more durable than a Worker, meaning if you puncture their carapace they will bleed out within probably 2 minutes.
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