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  1. After some discussion, how about the sabre can only be worn on blue and red?
  2. It's concealed inside of the sheath. Until you can grab me the holster policy you're referring to, I'm counting it as holstered. Also, I am willing to make the sheath an accessory instead of a belt, taking the slot where a holster would normally go.
  3. There are other heads of staff that do, and are allowed to, carry multiple weapons at the same time. A melee weapon is not any increase in lethality when most combat with antags is either hilariously deadly in melee, or ranged. Also, I never said it counted as concealed. I said it counted as holstered. Considering the Captain can basically go grab any weapon on the station that would fit in a holster (because of ultimate authority), the lethality of what's in that holster doesn't matter.
  4. The laser doesn't need to be removed. Also, it's the main point of the thread, can we talk about it instead? Also, again, the sword is a weapon carried in a holster. Please.
  5. 1) We should be worried about breaches, and there's no reason to transmit actual paper in the future. 2) Please read the rest of my post. Also, that is your headcanon. 3) You don't have to use it, you still have an e-pistol. Also, I am reasonably sure the antique laser does not have a stun mode. 4) You aren't forced to even wear it. 5) No it isn't. Antags have plenty of stun options.
  6. There is no issue with the armored hat, it's just an exception. Same as the sabre would be, because again, first and second most important people. The laser is more of a prop, the sword is more of something you wear. And, again, the sheath is a holster.
  7. Yes, and the HoS is allowed a helmet on all levels, all the time, constantly. This is because he is the second most important person on the station, and has Central-granted leeway to do silly shit like wear a Nazi coat and hat. Also, the energy pistol has the same lethal potential if not more because it's faster and has range. Asides, it's much easier to tell when to hold back and stop when you're swording someone vs when you're shooting at them. From a bit of a distance. Point blank, oxygen damage was still rising.
  8. The sheath is basically a holster in all but name. As well, it wouldn't be out of reason for the most important man on the station to be allowed an exception. Same exception as the HoS constantly wearing armor.
  9. I'd be willing to make it a less powerful energy sword. 1) Sure it does. Plenty of factions in our lore I could see having them, and the Captain could come from any of them. Swords and axes and maces are the simplest weapons, they require very little maintenance, and they're highly unlikely to cause an unintended breach unlike guns. Plus, we have plenty other intentional anachronisms, like faxes. 2) It doesn't have to be like it is in real life. Things change over time. Swords would probably see a comeback for boarding actions, on both sides, or what have you. Sidearms like a sabre are just a status symbol. Something that confers a massive amount of swagger, and has great value as a tool. As well, it's very obvious that Nanotrasen basically allows the Captain to do as he pleases so long as he pleases the corporation, like how he has 2 formal uniforms, a fox, his own private bathroom, previously a whip, an antique laser gun, etc. 3) Sure? That doesn't mean going against a bunch of revs, a bunch of cultists, a wizard, any kind of firearm would work out well for the Captain. 4) Okay? 5) All of our antags have methods of dealing with this. 6) How?
  10. Related to https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6329 Adds the Captain sabre, among other things. The sabre in question requires the sheath to be in your inventory, is basically just a regular sword otherwise. Other swords could be made to use sheathes later. This has been added in a sword rack to the Captain's office. It seems the big question is if the Antique Laser should remain or not. I was forced at devpoint to make this thread.
  11. ..Why not? It'd be a lot more fun and impactful if they were.
  12. Give it purple shoulders or something like that. Pls.
  13. Sometimes I feel like Maline Trell is not really.. in the setting, and doesn't really acknowledge the fourth wall as being real. Often they make comments in the relay that are seemingly aimed to poke holes in the setting (or, of late, actually commenting on game mechanics.) They don't really take anything in the setting seriously, not death, not limb loss, they're basically.. well. A Space Station 13 character, not much of a person that exists inside of the setting. I'm aware that Maline has other traits, but they don't really come out through endless snark and hole-poking, atleast in the relay. Personally, it makes me not want to do much in the relay when she's around, in fear of her trying to poke holes in whatever I'm trying to do.
  14. I don't believe this kind of viewpoint (and I know well that it's a serious one) is productive, or welcome, at any level of the staff team. Staff should have a passion for the game, and a desire to work with the rest of the staff team. If they don't, and hardly engage with the game, they are here for no reason other than to make things tense, rouse emotion, and occupy slots that could be used by people with a far greater vigor to put in work for this server. It's what we're here for.
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