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  1. Where: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6888 What: Removing the Wand of Change entirely, and having the Staff of Change as adminspawn only. Why: The Staff of Change is essentially a meme that has no counterplay except to suffer as whatever the fuck the wizard has decided to make you into (PERMANENTLY) for any reason (or lack thereof) under the sun, and has an essentially unlimited amount of uses so long as one is cautious. The wand of change is an even bigger offender, often being seen en masse and being a convenient size (not requiring a hand or a back like the Staff proper.) Wizard gameplay will not lose a night of sleep over this change, however a feedback thread is supposedly required.
  2. I don't think going full Loow again is particularly necessary, but it shouldn't be 'come collect your whitelist' either. I'm generally understanding of small messups, but I generally don't have a high tolerance for people clearly skipping over parts of the wiki. In all, it shouldn't be hard to gain, but shouldn't be too easy to lose. Also, I'm not a great big fan of reverting wiki information in response to singular players, only if it's an endemic issue.
  3. I'll keep this simple for you. How can I be assured that you will actually follow the rules if I lift this ban?
  4. This is pretty much even more pointless than the old secborg. The forensics tech has literally nothing to do on an average round to begin with, it's just shieldbot and 'borg let us in this department'. I doubt the barricades will be super useful because they will block movement anyway. This is directly inferior to just removing them, as this just leaves them castrated. I would only accept /tg/ peacekeepers over this, there's nothing that great about this one.
  5. Being that this does not actually exist in corporate regulations, yet is enforced by Security all the time, I would like to propose actual concrete regs. You do not need to speak only basic over the radio providing it is: Your department's channel Or code green/yellow However, basic is required on codes blue and red (and delta), being that clear communication in an ongoing emergency is important.
  6. I don't exactly trust you with this whitelist. You're not particularly wonderful at playing Veetek Kalna, as there is not much Unathi/Aut'akh/Veetek culture behind them (mostly just a relatively childish disposition and a complex over being yellow) and you seem to have issues maintaining your character and keeping immersion in places like the Relay (which, despite being mostly noncanon, does reflect on you and does reflect on peoples' view of the lore. Harping on the phenomena of throwing a cucumber behind a cat for 2 weeks does not inspire confidence.) I also noted that instead of coming up with something yourself for the most part, you essentially had other people draft up a character for you to post. Alongside this, you have pretty much ignored the feedback on your other other thread. I have severe doubts you can pull this off.
  7. Theoretically, the players solve their own problems.
  8. There is only one camera console in the bridge unless I am mistaken.
  9. also I would like to denote that this is not a joke suggestion. except the uniforms.
  10. Let me boil it down real simple. We have an area in the bridge with about five command chairs, each having a little station with specific consoles. But, we have no people to staff it. Here's what we could do. Remove the AI (preferably, as with it they'd be redundant), and in its' place, we have 4-5 bridge assistants (5 if we want them to fill every chair, 4 if we want the Captain to man the center chair.) They will fill the void of the AI's previous functions, including relaying messages, watching things over cameras, using the various consoles (and menial tasks such as getting the Captain his very-specific coffee.). We could implement some more functions to their consoles, such as rudimentary control over airlocks or other machinery. We could also allow their holopad to call people without requiring anyone to pick up. As their former counterpart, they do not have any actual command over crew (except probably assistants, they are pretty much just secretaries getting experience), just functioning as an oversight/logistics role. Also, the bridge area could be shrunk a bit so that they could all communicate with each other verbally. Species restrictions can be spoken about as well as if it should require a whitelist (I don't believe so), uniforms can be spoken about but it'd be preferable if we directly ripped Kim, Sammie, and Vanessa's uniforms from Robotech (the uniforms are a joke for legal purposes. if we did tho there could be one with pants.)
  11. Why? Please explain why this needed to be done, and what experience you had while mining that led to this.
  12. This still does not really present a plan to change it.
  13. Thank you for the reply (and validating Abo's post in the process), Bygone. I don't really have anything else to say from this point, as these things are true, as spoken about previously (and I am deeply apologetic about them, especially the stress on you). As many things as I could say about it, none of them really matter, aside from politely asking for a chance at this position, to do and be better than I was previously. I really do feel I could do it.
  14. I would concur with VT. I want to know the flaws Yonnimer thinks there is, and what his plan is to fix them. Keeping things between yourselves won't help anything.
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