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  1. While cat ears are strange, elf ears, again, are literally possible irl through the miracles of surgery. http://russfoxx.com/portfolio/ear-pointing/ It's not a big deal, again, the problem was he claimed he *was* an elf, not a modified human.
  2. Geneboosted Geneboosting is done during the fetal development stage. It perfects the genetic structure of the patient, removing all genetic diseases and rendering said patient the perfect form of their genetic heritage, whatever that may be. This form of genetic modification is limited to the upperclass, and is only now becoming common among the Dominian primaries belonging to rich houses. The effects lead to perfect, patrician features of the patient. Geneboosted playable species tend to be a foot or so taller than average and find it very easy to maintain peak fitness. A geneboosted person is obvious at a glance. Interestingly, all Skrell are geneboosted in an effort to combat the genophage however the effects are not as robust as on other species. Skrell do not increase in size or strength but rather use geneboosting as a method to cure the genophage. Sadly this only works in around 33% of cases. Gene Therapy Gene therapy is done post-birth and uses genetically tailored retroviruses. It is more expensive by far than geneboosting and requires the patient to be suspended in a gene therapy tank, from seven days every few months for several months or more depending on the "change". This is commonly done by rich patients to "geneboost" themselves after birth, however some use the treatment to alter traits in themselves - eye color, muscle mass etc. Such treatments are always extremely dangerous and require constant care during the process and are thus extremely expensive. This form of gene therapy is largely irreversible and can lead to instabilities in the genetic structure of the patient which can lead to malignant cancerous growth or - in the worse case - biological instability, with the flesh literally melting from the poor victim. In the former case immediate gene therapy can save the patient, in the latter it's much too late. Characters should use gene therapy to change their traits with great caution. This high risk, very high expense, and high maintenance process is usually found among upper-class citizens in especially strenuous professions. Biological Augmentations In the same manner as mechanical augments, biological augments such as tailored eyes, robust muscles fibres and strengthened bones are implanted into the patient. This also covers genetic neutral (zero percent rejection) biological limb replacement. Known tried and tested bio-augments would work every time. Black market augments, though cheaper and or more "powerful" tend to be unstable, leading to rejection at best, necrosis at worse. Though still very expensive, the occasional citizen outside of the aristocracy can be found with these augmentations, with efforts being made to make them more accessible to the greater populace in the future. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Empire_of_Dominia#Ethnicity_in_the_Empire
  3. It'd be preferable to just remove the specific examples from extreme body sculpting, stating that it exists (although it'd be rare and expensive.) I wouldn't mind a character having sculpted elven ears personally (we have it irl) so long as they aren't like the one example and claim they actually are an elf unironically in medical records.
  4. In support, if specified that these are not the only procedures out there. I think this would bring a lot of flavor.
  5. It'd be neat if the mandible garment (or another mask entirely) functioned like a divers' rebreather.
  6. Two small corrections. You can't randomize names on spawn, names are locked. Two, you can get insulated gloves from the tool vendor if you have a coin.
  7. You're posting on a thread about a dead PR.
  8. I'm in agreement, I think it would spur better interaction, especially if you have someone in your department go out and bring word to Engineering and such. It'd give department front desks an actual purpose in receiving people. But, what to do with intercoms?
  9. For what purpose do you want to become a coder? What is the advantage being a coder brings you that being a contributor is lacking?
  10. We could use the IPC-centric poster.
  11. I would also like to suggest one of the Legion posters.
  12. Sec already has 6.2 ( .5 for prescription sechud you can make by pressing the scouter onto some prescription glasses, and another .5 for the tactical goggles, .1 for the 3 different varieties of sunglasses they have, and another .1 for the Aut'akh sec hud.) types of eyewear. Two of them do exactly the same thing even thematically and aesthetically, and one of them is a very outdated sprite that literally uses pitch black.
  13. I would like to point out that player feedback was already collected the first time we did this, in an ingame poll with many, many responses.
  14. The purpose is to both avoid. 'don't worry man i can get cloned at the odin if i die. i have a backup at the odin. death is meaningless to me!!' as well as 'we have a hostage!' 'yeah we bet you do go ahead and kill them we can clone them at the odin!'
  15. Hey. That's pretty good. Consider yourself aprobado.
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