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  1. Today's reminder that rinsing things off in the shower does not clean them of various forensics materials, such as blood, DNA, etc.
  2. won golden bully, second best deputy, and third best mod don't worry my friends, you will be able to vote me for best admin this year :^)
  3. I fully agree. 90% of them could just be solved by station command, and /should be/ solved by station command.
  4. What do I mean by this? Xenobotany is a relatively unupdated department, and has been that way for several thousand years. The current state of it is essentially antags spamming teleporting stinging vine spore gas cyanide peanuts, which absolutely shatters immersion and definitively needs a look at, if not removal. I'm not sure how we could accomplish this, other than removing pretty much half the traits that are abused.
  5. BYOND Key:ParadoxSpace Game ID: b46-dbR9 Player Byond Key/Character name: SonicGotNuked/Burt Duncan Staff involved: BoryaTheSlayer Reason for complaint: I'm gonna skip a lot because I was an immobile worm the entire round. Basically, a round of bughunt. Because a single borer host apparently managed to fuck up most of Security, the Captain saw it fit to call the nuke. However, nuke authorization was not given at the time that the Captain proceeded to recall the shuttle halfway through and then nuke the transfer shuttle anyway. This was not a good ending to a round, and especially not a good use of recalling the shuttle. They ended up getting nuked themselves, even. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, Borya said make a complaint. Approximate Date/Time: About fifteen minutes ago, 1/7/2020.
  6. Sorry for the delay. Essentially, you have a lot of notes and warnings, some of which include being talked to about references (even if they're minor) before. I would've let you off with just being talked to and not doing it again, but there's precedent that you've been talked to before a lot.
  7. Hello, it's me, your favorite. Let's add skirt variants of Security uniforms (except for Necro and EPMCs, I guess.) Not like, mini-skirts, but say, knee-length. I will promise to whoever sprites this out that I will PR it in a timely manner, but I cannot sprite these myself, as I am not skilled enough.
  8. Byond key: ParadoxSpace Discord key: ParadoxSpace#6825 Character Name: Kasluul Solozel Item name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Iron Mask, Maraziite Throw Over Item function(s): The mask does nothing (as it'd have to be a helmet accessory to have any armor, I imagine), and the throw-over has two pockets. It would be neat if it can be used as an accessory like other ponchos. Item description: Iron Mask- It's a painted mask of white cast iron, decorated with two massive Hegeranzi horns. This is a slightly older design, worn by the members of the Maraziite Order; used to strike fear into the hearts of heretics. Maraziite Throw Over- It's a grey poncho, exclusively donned by the members of the Maraziite Order. This one has a Izweski Hegemony flag boldly sewn onto the shoulder. Item Appearance: I will probably play around with having a frill or not. Slightly out of date images. Why is your character bringing this item to work? Kasluul is an Iron Mask, a member of the Maraziite Order. The mask and throw-over embody the aspect of Sk'akh that they took - the Warrior. To them, it is everything, and the Warrior perfectly represents their oaths and lifestyle. The garb is not only to show that the wearer is something of an inquisitor, it is to communicate their ambitions, deeds, and what they are capable of to any that would seek their aid, or dare to cross them. How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please): Kasluul was hatched only months before human first contact, and grew up in a clan of warriors; particularly War Riders. Being too young for a long time to ride a Hegeranzi into battle himself, nonetheless Kasluul was still trusted to assist the older males with the taming of the clan's beasts, as well as going out into the wilderness of Tzonia to hunt. Working with animals, and the occasional hunting of them, was not just a sport to the Solozel clan, it was also a religious experience in Sk'akh. Food must be brought onto the table, dangerous beasts must be repelled for a village to grow, and the Overlord's enemies must be stricken out. During the Contact War, this last part would become ultimately important. He grew to hate the Traditionalists, growing to know them only as demons. As they broke his clan and people's morale, he found himself taking on more and more adult duties; eventually finding himself aiding in religious ways as well. By the end of the war, Kasluul was a man now. Not only a warrior strong as the beasts he's tamed, but a priest one with the Great Spirit's teachings. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please): Though of course, I didn't put their *entire* background and story above, their membership of the Maraziite Order, and their faith in the wider Sk'akh community, is everything to them. Coming from Moghes' darkest hour, it required both faith and blade to keep the people safe. Kasluul sees himself as forever bound to fight and slay anyone that would go against the order of Sk'akh; Th'akh blood cultists that would seek to destroy the Unathi way of life, primarily. If a conflict would arise that cannot be contained by words alone, it is an Iron Mask's task to decide the outcome. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Being a Maraziite is a full time job, and Kasluul has not hung up his gear just because he has taken a job with NanoTrasen. Though he does not have the law of the Hegemony on his side, nor the ability to unleash the vengeance of the Great Spirit, he still very much has the powerful gaze and dreadful countenance of an Iron Mask, and will use this to all the effects it carries. Sprites: Additional Comments: i want to be like sonorous. wow he's cool. i made this character using 5e paladin as a starting point. no, they have not shown up yet. maraziite.dmi
  9. Revamping the Unathi brand is something I will get around to, after finding an interesting alternative. However, the PRA ciggies are specifically something Alberyk added, so he must know what he's doing re; tobacco on Adhomai and such. Different brands are nice for roleplay, some people might prefer different brands (if we can ever get around to being able to afford them.) However, 'chew is gross' is really, really personal taste. We don't have a rule against being gross.
  10. Yes, I made a mistake in the heat of passion (which I have admitted to the rest of the staff and have stated that I will try to literally never do this again) regarding Huivn stating that LGBT people under 13 don't/shouldn't exist. I will never do something like this in a future setting, and next time I will either follow proper escalation or step away.
  11. We have four different brands right now, not including the PRA brand or individual brands of rollable shit.
  12. It was forgotten about in the way that nobody ever brought it up again until now. The current human loremaster does not want these prices, which is why this PR was made.
  13. In reference to https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7765 This makes tobacco products actually affordable, having been made more expensive (and then forgotten about) years ago in a lore arc. I will not be adjusting any other vendor prices until this is done, as doing every vendor price will take a significantly longer amount of time.
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