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  1. ParadoxSpace

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    Exactly what unique features were "removed" previously? This 'yet another' doesn't sound right.
  2. ParadoxSpace

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    Being that Skrell can vocalize in pitches humans cannot hear (the !s and *s in skrellian) there is no reason they should not be able to vocalize mandarin.
  3. ParadoxSpace

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    Sol Common is not even a unique species language. It's a unique regional language. Not a lot of characters even take it.
  4. ParadoxSpace

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    Title. In reference to https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5787 Thread creation authorized by VTCobaltblood. Personally, I am in support, though apparently this needs a thread.

  6. white castle appreciation thread post sliders

    1. Jboy2000000


      Chicken rings are where it's at

  7. ParadoxSpace

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    As someone who was brained and gibbed by the hostile detective, I'll keep it short. I was in the construction level with other cats when Snowball (was that their name? some fuckin' msai.) came up and gave us free money. I was skeptical as to why until she delivered us 50 solid gold ingots. I was more receptive, the final choice of mine to go with the mercs was largely because one of us, played by @DronzTheWolf, had joined them and told us 'come with us or stay behind it's your choice.' Everyone else started going, so I dragged Valka with me. At that point, I was unaware the mercs had done really anything except slapfighting with Security, as I don't happen to be omniscient. We boarded the shuttle, I assumed the crew would just take their losses, when suddenly I was a brain. This was nothing really better than gank, and Noir has a habit of removing people from the round in such ways, and it isn't fun for anyone but him. It's especially heinous as a Detective. 'suck it up and either observe, play another game or rejoin the round as a new character until the next one' This is an extremely toxic mentality. Sure, losing is a part of the game. Losing is sometimes even fun. But for me atleast, I log on and I want to play a specific character, no matter how many other characters I have as backup. Getting told to 'suck it up' for being ganked by and for factors out of my control is a dick move, especially following it with 'play some1 else lmao'
  8. Ayrism is already a mentor on Star Trek 13.
  9. ParadoxSpace

    Security, Command, Antags. AKA the Burger Manifesto

    As Command, I tend to give as many details as are required for the crew to know what's going on, and what it looks like. Why? Because the more the crew knows, the more they can prevent themselves from getting fucked, and the better we can all discuss a solution or start forming defenses. Command needs to do this more often, 'THE CREW WILL PANIC!' almost never happens.
  10. I was asked to make a thread on this instead of waiting for my mind-control device to be complete to make Synn do it for me. The security dress code has recently been updated. " Uniformed security employees are to wear only standard equipment provided by NanoTrasen. Security uniforms do not include personal clothing, or items that would significantly impact the crew's ability to immediately identify security personnel. Minor alterations to uniform equipment are permitted in order to accommodate non-human species. Personnel failing to meet these requirements are in violation of regulations, and are subject to fines, detention, or other applicable penalties. " or something like that. I find this a needless change, one that stifles creativity and personalization. Before this, really the only regulation was 'wear blue' and 'wear what the HoS tells you to.' This worked fine. I do not see why it needs to be anything else.
  11. ParadoxSpace

    Turrets Buffs

    Certain turrets should stay up long, and get up faster. Polaris does this with the AI core. (Though the AI core there also has fuckin x-ray lasers and emitter-reflecting walls. Not that this is bad.)
  12. ParadoxSpace

    Mira's Alchemist Set

    As the big gay lizard sponsoring Mira's descent into madness, +1. A Human Akhanzi will be a neat addition to the crew.
  13. ParadoxSpace

    adds firing pins to the RD locker

    I don't get why the modular guns even need firing pins at this point.
  14. ParadoxSpace

    Player Complaint - Alberyk

    Every time I have ever played under Faysal Al-Shennawi and ended up getting involved in Outdated Tajaran Tactics Simulator, he has always taken a route of negotiation first. Whether it's asking raiders to just turn in their weapons to the armory/warehouse and they can go in, or otherwise. The only time he's randomly pressganged us into a militia is, indeed, when Security cannot function themselves, or even better when the antags have turned heel and killed all of Sec. Even then, we're never going around actively seeking antags to use line tactics on, it's largely defensive. Pls delete this post if it's peanut gallery, I've just had a lot of experience under Faysal.
  15. ParadoxSpace

    Expand Interstation Relations--NSS Upsilon

    I would absolutely love this concept, and I would love thinking of different messages for them to mock us. 'Aurora, hello! We just wanted to express our total sadness that you can't attend our complimentary pizza party for our continued 365 days without incident' in the middle of a crossfire round.