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white list application (tajara)

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BYOND Key: trick of the trade


Character Names: arikey solmt


Species you are applying to play: tajara


What color do you plan on making your first alien character: grey


Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:yes i have, it is, in fact why i wanted to play a tajara because of the lore


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race:

it is a race that is interesting in both physiological and story concept.the race has difficult history for its home planet, adhomai. playing a character that knows that she must do her best, can make her stressed and sometimes panic in situations that are difficult to solve which is fun and interesting, the alien race also has a unique physiological structure (as a cat lover).


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

the fear of being at the mercy of human employment knowing that if one day if she would be fired she will be starving or worst sent back to her unstable home planet, the endurance to the tasks and trying to make enough of a living to stay above water makes the character intriguing.

a new race is always fun to play, the different interactions with almost alien workplace can prove more difficult then a human that is familiar with all of the environment.


Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs) What do you like about this character?

she is a shy tajara that is trying her best to keep her,her job,and the crew secure and safe. she will learn medical and join the NSS aurora as an intern trying to learn, however she hopes she can be promoted to pharmacist one day and have the solitude and the occupation that she likes, her interest is to have the crew know she is useful, trying to keep them safe.

she is afraid of social interactions, preferring solitude and productivity over interactions and lack of productiveness.

the home planet instability has made her flee her home planet and work in human space, with the little money she took with her, joined the medical school and proved to be successful, and was offered an intern job in NSS aurora.

at adhomai she has studied chemistry, although she calls herself an expert (to only appear useful) she is in fact only a novice chemist and will try her best to show her abilities to the other crew.

she will sometimes try to do petty thefts ,the lack of money makes her live in poor conditions, selling any medical stuff that nobody will notice have been taken like drugs,medical supplies,syringes. trying her best to leave enough to whoever needs it

she stands at 1.78 m tall

she is weights at 87 kg

her eyes are green

she is 25 years old


about the player:i would rate my role playing abilities on high rank since i am both a D&D player and a DM, although as a player i am usually a chaotic natural alignment ,as a DM i succeeded to play a lawful good character named john (my whole group of players love john) so i am going to try to meet in the middle with my tajara and play her natural good


notes :there is no way i can explain her shyness, she was born shy. i, myself was born shy so i think it does make sense that an explanation is not needed for the personality trait

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Do you have any other characters besides the one you're applying for? I don't really recognize you. It would be help if you've indicated what other characters you've played on this server.

There's a lot of misspelling (and lack of grammar, for that matter), and the background of your character seems quite sparse, seemingly not indicating how their previous lifestyle as a Tajaran living on their 'home plant' has affected them. What region are they from? What jobs did they have in the past? How has politics and events on their 'home plant' affected their lifestyle and changed them as a person? Does your character also photosynthesize?

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Greetings, hello, salutations; CE Yam here.


Glancing through your application it is a little difficult to read, but do not worry I can certainly understand and read most of it. Mostly the major issues comes down to punctuation, capitalization, and some minor other errors but again this does not bother me and I know as a fact interacting with Niki Sanem is that you certainly do try to rp. 


Though as @Scheveningen has said, your character's backstory does need touching up! If you could spiffy up the errors I mentioned earlier as well as go into the details outlined by Schev I do believe this would make a lovely application. If you feel like you need help please do not be afraid to ask questions either here or even approach someone on discord for questions! 

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I don't mean to sound combative or dismissive when I say this, so please don't take it that way. I do agree with @Scheveningen and @Allakai 's points from earlier, but I also want to tack on a couple of things. The questions make mention of answering them with a minimum of one paragraph each. Each question has about one sentence to it, which gives very little information. Your character's backstory also seems to be more "Who am I going forward?" rather than "Who am I up to this point?" I feel that, if you touch up on the above points, and put a bit more "back" into your backstory, you'll be a lot better off during the review phase of your application. I won't make mention of grammar or punctuation in a negative light - those are things can be fixed in post, and judging an application purely on that would be foolish.

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i pulled out my translation tools, not for translation but to fix my typos and grammer mistakes. im sorry when i try to rush purely from confusion i make a short backstory, in my knowlge a backstory should be short and not pointing out things that the DM has built since it will just look like i am repeating what he built.

il sit down and work on it a lot more.

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Hi there. I play the Dionae Approaching the Rain, someone whom has interacted several times with a character I know this person to play in engineering. Their apprentice seems to disregard a lot and get hostile very quickly, which could just be RP choice. However, when trying to help teach something, I have been disregarded in LOOC as well, only to see the player use the chat in other instances. As a Dionae I cannot reasonably tell you how to wear a voidsuit, but as a player I can.

Another note is that the character vanishes to eat/drink/pee/nap consistently. It's sometimes immersion breaking to have someone go back and forth every couple of minutes.

Regarding the app itself, I'm not gonna beat a dead horse. You are already aware of the main difficulty and you have stated an effort to repair it, which I commend. The backstory, as was mentioned, is lacking in the past. We know she is a native Adhomaian born Tajara and that she studied chemistry. What experiences gave her the drive to chemistry? how did being shy effect her home and school life? Did her parents support her decisions? These are simple starter questions to help you think about the character more.

Lastly, this is not D&D. As a fellow player and GM I must admit that separating the ideas of different RP systems can be daunting at first. Here there is no real DM/GM. You get to build your character completely and decide everything for them. The only restriction on this is that it must be believable. It'd be difficult to play a high profile war criminal on our station, though a low-profile one could be done subtly.

All said, I wish you luck, perhaps in the future I will have a better idea on givving you support or not, for now I'm neutral.

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As people pointed out, the application is really bare bones, and you have been around for less than two weeks. I recommend playing a bit more and working on the whitelist before re-doing the application. If you have any doubt or need help with tajaran lore, you can try to contact me using discord or in the game.


Application denied for now.

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