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Revert Fatal Lung Ruptures


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If you have a collapsed lung IRL, like some vital organs in your body, such as your eyes and kidneys, you have two lungs. If one ruptured lung is stable, the other can keep you alive, but you will experience pain and shortness of breath, among other things.

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If you have a collapsed lung, there's very obviously a reason for it. If we forget about it being in the future for a second and speak hypothetically, if your lung is collapsed, the other may allow you to breath, though infection can set into the bad lung and kill you quickly if it is a highly aggressive bacteria such as tetanus. I didn't like the old system but I don't like this one either. There should less outright "oh nose, ded cause lung esploded" and perhaps "my lung is collapsed and I could spread a disease around the ship."

Not sure I'm being very clear. Sorry Sue. Hopefully you catch my drift.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


A larger pneumothorax causes more severe symptoms, including:

Bluish color of the skin due to lack of oxygen

Chest tightness

Easy fatigue

Rapid heart rate

it being fatal so quickly is silly to me. We have two lungs, like Sue said. If anything, force it to lock you in walk mode, and keep the spammy "oh god the pain" messages.

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Apparently "ruptured" has a very strange definition on Aurora. As a wizard once, I teleported from an area with air to one without and, in that split second that I didn't have my internals on yet had a spacesuit and everything else, I ruptured a lung. Two minutes later, I was dead (and so was the entire crew, if I recall) which meant the round was essentially "over."

That was silly.

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Perhaps we could classify a threshold between a collapsed lung and a proper rupture?


A rupture would almost certainly be fatal, but fairly rare. Collapsed lungs, however, can be treated without invasive surgery in minor cases. Depending on the nature of the injury.

A consideration off the top of my head:

Lung Damage Table

0: Your lungs are healthy, Carry on

1-5: Minor collapsed lung. Organ Damage x2 (2-10) persistent oxygen damage. Functions like oxygen damage from bloodloss. Give occasional message about tightness of breath. Fixable with peridaxon, or applying an empty needle to the patient's chest. (Surgical step, but painless. Anasthetics not required.). Additionally, 1 point of lung damage will go away every hour as long as you remain under the 5 damage threshold.

5-15: Major Collapsed lung. Organ Damage x5 (25-75) persistent oxygen damage. Gives a regular message of chestpain. Fixable with peridaxon or lung surgery as per normal.

15+ : Ruptured Lung. You cannot breathe. Constant oxygen damage until death or organ repair. Repairable with peridaxon or lung surgery only.

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Typically speaking, a collapsed lung is not a fatal issue, but should still be treated ASAP. Though a ruptured lung, depending on the severity, can be fatal, you would not down in your own blood within a minute unless the entire organ was eviscerated. The lung would most often have to be wounded by a bullet, rib, knife, or other unwelcome thing.

I still agree with Sue. This should definitely be lowered, as 10 lung damage, normally constituting "Hurt, but not immediately deadly" on other organs, is immediately fatal to the poor sod that didn't turn their internals on.

And as for infections? Some sort of foreign body would have to actually enter the wound to cause this. Breathing in no air for a few seconds isn't going to give you a deadly infection. That's ridiculous.

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You have to keep in mind how easy it is to get your lung ruptured in the Aurora universe when balancing those things.

Paincrit is finicky, but overall injuries give you a chance at remaining relatively active, even through things such as being shot repeatedly or shocked, because from a gameplay perspective it's often more fun than having the patient/victim immediately go in shock and become powerless.

The thing with ruptured lungs is that I remember rupturing one because I forgot to switch on my oxygen while going EVA and took oxy damage for about 2 seconds. (Yes, explosive decompression can be a thing, but I had a mask and hardsuit on, plus the pressure drop was the gradual one you get in an airlock). And since (if I recall correctly) any sort of robusting to the chest area will have a strong tendency to create ruptured lungs (they are /the/ most common surgical condition I ever saw in medbay, by far), your lungs should probably not get BTFO whenever anything so nearly as touches them.

That's an exercise in frustration, not realism.

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