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[Rescinded]Shadow7889's CCIA application

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CCIA Staff Application

Basic Information

Byond key:Shadow7889

Character names: Launce Jardine, Nathan Sloan, Steven Hejuk, SIERRA, and many more that aren't that wide on the spectrum. 

 Age: 30

Timezone: EST, but I work the night shift. So I'm much more active at night.

What times are you most available?: Anywhere between 3pm and 6am the following day.

Experience I've been playing SS13 for what seems like ages. I was A senormin on Hypatia Server before Aurora. As staff on Hypatia, you didn't not have the luxry of having a dedicated CCIA team, like we do here. I've also staffed here on the Aurora and retired recently.

How long have you played SS13?: I believe I've been playing SS13 for about.. six to seven years now.  

How long have you played on Aurora?: About 2 years. Likely longer. 

How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you? As staff I have a knack for being somewhat active on the forums. I am very active on the discord/server.  

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I don't think I have.

Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: I was formerly a senormin on the Hypatia server, as stated before.

Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I'm good at paperwork. And long paragraphs.


Why do you want to join the CCIA?:I did my time as a moderator here on the Aurora. OOCly it was great for a while. Unfortunately it often got in the way of my ability to enjoy RPing on the server. ICly, the CCIA by all accounts are moderators as well, keeping civility and stability on the Aurora. I would love to be able to be a part of that. 

 What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: Patience. Understanding of others. The ability to understand Directives and Regulations pertaining to IC matters. 

 What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: CCIA in game as far as I am aware are there to be a connection between the station and Odin. They help to deal with faxes, matters that the crew may need advice on. I've had to fax CCIA a few times as Command. it's good to have clear cut orders sometimes.

What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?:OOCly, you're there to help drive the rounds. You don't interfere too much, but you have a hand in some things too. 

 How do you handle stress?:I think I'm fairly good at keeping myself stressfree! 

How well do you work autonomously?: I mean. I've been left alone to moderate the server before. Nothing blew up! So I think I do well enough.

Additional Notes: Please don't deny me over that paper, Lancer. I'm sorry for shredding it!!

Edited by The lancer
Removal of my former CE, Overflow. Scrapped em a bit ago.

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What a downgrade. From moderator to CCIA.

On a more serious note: I think he´s going to make a pretty good CCIA Agent.

One thing I noticed in the interview is that command is generally expected to handle most things on their own and you seem to be a relatively inclined to do hand holding.
(Keep in mind that ignoring a fax or replying that command "is expected to handle issues on their own or specify why that is not possible" is an option)

But other than that, no complaints.

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I mean, in a situation where the station is on fire, or like, half the crew is dead, I would feel inclined to assist. But if we're talking about ' johnmcknucklehead punched sohpiemcbonehead but one of them is screaming self defense ' they're not going to be worth responding to. 

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