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Your SS13 confessions


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I have never played a legitimate, qualified character in medical. There was a time where I was a surgery borg, and I saved the lives of like three people despite it being my first time as a surgeon... I just used the wiki to identify what needed fixing.

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I used to pack several bowls throughout the night and play SS13 high as a fucking weather balloon. Hence why Senri was once the chill guy in Medical.

I tend to only join if characters that I can interact with are in the round.

I never fucking get nuke op, ever.

Senri is secretly part self-insert, and so I just play him out how I would react to certain situations.

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I instantly judge anyone with coloured hair


I read everything in chat box out to myself and put on voice of what i assume the individual sounds like


I enjoy annoying people icly


Instantly judge Nurses and stutters


I'm actually really shit at Medical, due to me not knowing any advantageous game mechanics or how the fuck pill units work, Or genetics....or Virology....or Cyro...really the only thing I can mediocrely is surgery and then I didn't know Dextalin was necessary in lung rupture surgery.


Literally feel immense joy when someone backs my Xenophobia


Literally cried when Vittorio got a friend and bought a Market share

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SS13 stress from both OOC and IC has caused me to cry more than once

My characters are generally how I wish I was in real life

I'm a really terrible Head of Staff, ask Skull, he has a tendency to point out everything wrong I do

Skull doesn't like me and has insulted me on numerous occasions, although I usually laugh at it, I have cried once or twice

Most of my characters names have some sort of hint of a major franchise in them (Godswood-GoT, Auror-HarryPotter, Lux, Romanian for luxury, a hint to gold, usually walks with a cane, reference to Mr. Gold from Once Upon A Time, Althea Eyrie - GoT reference again.

I play this game naked and unnatural amount

Anytime I need a passcode for something IC, I use 15951, /ALWAYS/

Getting killed REALLY pisses me off unless I'm purposefully trying to get myself killed to further RP or something

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I never play SS13 naked. It's much cozier in a bath robe.

I'm usually a bit stoned when I play.

I always gain access to the PDA monitoring console when I play AI. But how do I do it...

The only time I ever played a doctor I was a vampire, and I spent the whole round sucking on the shrink in his office...

I've never even seen the inside of the nuke agent shuttle. Or the Vox shuttle. Or any antag shuttle...

I like killing PC mice. Or any mice, really. Mice should all be killed!


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I have a deep hatred for nearly every individual that uses the term powergaming as an excuse for them fucking up.


Quietly while playing SS13 I dream up ways my character would brutally murder an entire station's crew


I have a small portion of my brain placed into constant RP mode, finding ways to over explain others.


I despise others that would prefer something like paperwork RP over actual RP. And find that their characters are usually really shit.


I've found myself several times doing something I do IRL, looking at a character and their first lines and saying to myself, "I'm going to hate this guy.."


Even throughout all the NyQuil bottles and angry mental rants SS13 and this community have put me through, I still find myself entranced to come back for some reason..I've yet to pinpoint that reason.

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>Instantly judges anyone with coloured hair

>Instantly judges Nurses and stutters

Oh dear.


This is one of my favourite thread ideas because, suddenly, we're not trying to be cool witty edgelords anymore. We're making pretty personal confessions related to the game, the content of which most people mock in day-to-day chat. It humanises us. I wish everybody was this humble and open all the time.

I think Roy Wyatt is a great character played by a great person (who happens to be nothing like said character), and it irritates me how people aren't acknowledging his most significant point of character development, i.e. his cessation of womanising.

I suspect that most of the community dislikes me (or my characters; what a surprise that I conflate the two /s) or doesn't know I exist, which sucks.

I, too, crave hostage situations as well as injuries or death as it makes people pay attention to me and therefore I can feel like I'm cared about for a short while.

SS13 is a suboptimal substitute for long-term therapy, but I have nothing else for now...

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I honestly hate all the whores, snowflakes and chucklefucks on the station, the characters, not the players. I dream of a nations round where I will take security and purge the station in holy laser fire in the name of the god-emperor.


I enjoy my characters being the center of attention, but I think it's petty as fuck, so I beat myself over it and avoid it.


Deep down, I'm deluded I have leadership potential, that's why I play heads of staff.


If you play genetics, I hate you.


I suspect that most of the community dislikes me (or my characters; what a surprise that I conflate the two /s) or doesn't know I exist, which sucks.

SS13 is a suboptimal substitute for long-term therapy, but I have nothing else for now...


Honestly, you have to either be noisy as fuck or do something of note for people to notice you. On the Skype group, you usually join in and jump out quickly, not giving people time to get to know you. I can assume the reason for it and I can relate.

Therapy for what?

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I constantly think of ways of gruesomely murdering my own characters, and the characters of others, especially in ways that would leave mental scarring on anyone who witnesses it, and even a little bit on the players themselves

I've even had dreams about it on occasion

also all text is in italics for me, and it makes me feel like I'm whispering

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