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Staff Complaint: Garnascus

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BYOND Key: Sycmos
Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus
Game ID: ce1-bYXA
Reason for complaint: Garnascus completely failed to uphold what is already a minimal standard for roleplay or reasonable and engaging antag behavior during a Loner round where they completely avoided station crew for a stark majority of the round and only committed to interacting with players when it came to kidnapping and killing my character within an unacceptable amount of time of me joining the round. I had been ghosted from round start to roughly 1:30, having observed Garnascus spend the majority of his time on station avoiding station crew by stalking maintenance tunnels and providing no roleplay opportunity besides sabotaging telecomms and blowing an enormous hole through the surface elevator lobby. When it came to finally joining I caught him in my office within ten to fifteen minutes of arriving on station, having attempted to steal several items from the office including Ian. Being equipped with a disruptor I attempted to discourage him with two stun blasts that missed, only to be met with lethal laser fire and threats of being killed if the nearby CMO informed security that he was kidnapping me (to which staff was already aware that he was on board and caused station damage). Garn then proceeded to restrain me with handcuffs, lock me to a bed so that I was completely immobile and blandly interrogate me about command account details that I did not know ICly or OOCly. Upon the station raising to Blue Alert Garn assumed that this meant that the CMO had informed them of my kidnapping (which is a wild assumption to make considering that everyone on station knew by now he'd blew things up, after avoiding them all shift), and killed me as I was totally restrained. Nothing about his behavior has informed me that he had any interest in portraying an HRP antag, only going as far as to entertain himself without any concern for the remainder of players involved.

As staff and above else a Headmin Garn should absolutely know better than to treat playing antag like this.








Additional remarks: None.

Edited by Sycmos
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Well, either way it does not matter as far as my post is concerned. There is one issue in contention here and only one issue. Whether or not I had the justification to kill you.


This is a screenshot detailing our brief encounter in the HoP office. I came here to try to hack into the accounts and siphon some funds away. Unfortunately the CMO happened to be outside and spotted me. Then you came in and drew a gun. I noticed you where the HoP so i attempted and succeeded in taking you hostage to get account info from you. I was very clear with the CMO as you can see that aiding sec would lead me to kill you. I think it logically follows that "Stand against me at all" will also get you killed. 


While trying to get information out of you the CMO made this announcement. My character believed that if she was willing to tell the crew about me in anyway she had already told sec about me. Whether or not she actually did or not is irrelevant. I cannot metagame. Shortly after killing you i alerted the CMO and the rest of the crew to your body's location with an announcement. If the CMO had not made this announcement i would not have killed you because i would have had no reason to. "Fresh spawn" is only ever invoked when people are attacked just off the transfer shuttle or just waking up from cryo. You had made it to your office and drew a gun on an intruder. All of that is fine to do but there is no rule stating how long someone has to be in round before they can be kidnapped. 

TLDR. I had a reason to kill you and these screenshots prove it. 

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52 minutes ago, Garnascus said:

TLDR. I had a reason to kill you and these screenshots prove it. 

Your reasoning at best is a flimsy attempt at promoting hamfisted, frustrating drama in a round that was already lacking depth because you caused meaningless damage without interacting with the station crew whatsoever. There was virtually no narrative provided as to why you sabotaged T-Comms or blew up the elevators because you refused to engage players and develop meaningful escalation - not a single person could tell me who you were or what you wanted, only that there was an empty drop pod and substantial damage across the station. Even if I did fire on you I was well within my rights to do so considering you were an intruder stealing things from my office, and I still immediately surrendered upon being lethally fired upon despite not pursuing you into the tunnel and you deciding to come back in to shoot with lethals. Your interrogation went nowhere because I could not provide answers from an OOC or IC perspective of what you wanted - you were asking for something that I literally could not provide at the time. Making nebulous threats and then acting on them with hamfisted reasoning because the CMO followed protocol after everyone else had already put two and two together and knew an intruder was on board added nothing to the round other than ending mine before I could meaningfully contribute, and providing more stress to a round that ultimately meant nothing from a narrative perspective because your only engagement with the crew was threatening the CMO and killing me after.

Having your own reasons for doing things or there not being rules for certain technicalities does not excuse poor antag play. At no point did I feel like anything you did during the round added to the atmosphere or narrative besides causing problems for the sake of your own entertainment, leaving everyone else to pick up after your mess while having not gained anything.

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Hello. As shown in the screenshots, I was the CMO for this round.

To start with, we had no engineering for a vast majority of the round, and even when we did, it took the engineer over a hour to get power stabilized. At least. I had had security come into medical multiple times to update me, the sole command member for a long time, on everything that was going on. There was a drop pod on the surface, they had taken prints and prints did not match any of the crew on station at this point and they had no idea where they went. There was then an explosion on the surface, I believe. I tried to raise us to blue at that point, but TComms died and I could not access the Command and Communications program within my laptop. I ran to the bridge, same result. The AI might have tried as well, unsure. At this point, I told the AI to make an announcement that we were at pseudo-blue and could it please make an announcement. It did, some ten minutes later, but it did it. Awesome. Went to leave the bridge, power cut out. Back through the tunnels I go, finding a stuck officer on the way.

The HoP joined at some point, so I waited outside their office for them. Remember, there is no TComms and thus, I cannot talk on the command channel for them. I get annoyed at waiting and return to medical, finding the HoP. We talk about what's going on, I mention we're at pseudo blue for now. Awesome. I believe I'm told something else soon after the HoP left, so I run all the way back to the HoPs office and find someone in a red voidsuit, previously unseen by 100% of the players in the round at this point, standing in the HoPs office. I go "Oh shit," and skirt around the edges, watching. Then the HoP comes in, takes out his disruptor and fires twice at the guy in the voidsuit. Voidsuit guy retreats, comes back out, shoots the HoP a few times with the antique laser rifle. HoP immediately goes sideways. I ask if I can please take a look at him before he's taken hostage to prevent any infection coming from the burns. Voidsuit guy says no, and if I tell anyone about it, he's dead.

The problem is, up til this point, everyone on station knew we had a visitor of some description. The problem also, is no one had seen them. So the moment I could, I did the announcement I had planned for a hour, up until this point. I did not tell security that the HoP was kidnapped. I did not announce it in my announcement. I said "Hey, lets have a talk about this," and got no response. No demands, nothing. I had no idea what he wanted the entire round. If I had been told, I would have given whatever he wanted.

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2 hours ago, Alberyk said:

@Garnascus what were you planning to do for this round? Why did you take so long to interact/attack someone from the crew?

My plan was two-fold. The first part of the plan involved breaking into telecomms and RP stealing a "black box". I did not actually intend to disable communications for the station as that is lame. What i intended was to RP stealing an imaginary "black box" that most installations have. It is a device that records all communication. It would be something that could be used as evidence to track me down. Unfortunately breaking into telecomms proved too much for me to handle and I abandoned the plan after getting to the glass walkway. 

The second phase of my plan was to make my way to the bridge, steal the all access card and then drain all of the funds from the station accounts to utilize as blackmail for the station to turn over their research data. Imaginary research data would have sufficed if they didn't have a scientist to get the levels up. Unfortunately this plan also failed because the second I walked into the Hop office the CMO spotted me. Before the CMO could even start typing the HoP walked into his office from the opposite door with his gun out. My earlier post in this thread details what happened from there. 

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48 minutes ago, Alberyk said:

However, we are unsure how messing with telecomms and exploding an elevator added to an alter chaotic round.

I explained why i went to telecomms. I was not going to disable the radio system for the entire station. All i wanted to do was break in and pretend i stole the "black box". I thought this would be a quick in and out adventure but it turned out to be much more difficult than i originally planned. I only got to here. 


Getting past this part proved too difficult and time-consuming so I abandoned it and just went ahead with my 2nd plan because i thought it would generate more RP. What are you referring to when you say "exploded an elevator"? I blew up a welder tank somewhere in this position below the surface garden. 


I do not remember when this happened. This is over a week old now. I came on to the station with a drop pod at the arrivals security checkpoint. I heard on the security radio that they had found my drop pod so i needed a distraction for one of my plans. I either blew up the tank to get them to focus on that area while i broke into telecomms or to distract them while i went into the HoPs office. I do not remember which. I made sure nobody was around to be caught as collateral. 


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