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Hello everyone, long time no see. Lots of funs have been happening in my life and I wanted to catch you up on a few that might explain my absence from you for so long. First of all, the inevitable breakup with a certain other player I will not mention that did not exactly put me in the mood for gaming (and honestly, who wants to roleplay with someone who just wants only trends towards characters that are going through the stuff that they the character are going through?)

Secondly, my landlord decided she was to evict us, so moving and unable to play.

Lastly, Dea was going to come and visit me here in Australia, but classic Dea, she fell down at the airport in Hong Kong and broke her leg in two places.

All in all, I haven't plugged my computer back in since the move. I don't know. Do you guys even miss me?

Love Charis

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Hey, Thundy, nice to see people keep coming back! :)

However, I can't with good conscience say that welcome you might recieve will be positive on all fronts. You're probably aware of that and it's not exactly my business. Don't let it dishearten you, though. Welcome back.

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Your kind words are beautiful, however, after receiving a message from the player in question, I have been asked if I could kindly not play on Aurora as they do not wish to see me there. I will respect their wishes.


Fuck that noise. You should stay Thundy, you can play where you damn please.

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I'm gonna go ahead and side with the general opinion of other people here.

No one should have to ask you to leave a vastly public space over a breakup, where the most that will happen is that you might have to run into the person's name a few times on the forums, and you are completely free to ignore them otherwise (unless they're on the staff, in which case it's pretty fucked to ask.)

I understand not wanting to hurt whoever made that request, but that person is very immature in the first place to make such a demand.

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Thundy: People meet in public places all the time, and this is no different.

Would you consider it reasonable to be asked not to return to a restaurant, library, or grocery store? Please don't leave over somebody who can't cope with vague proximity to another human being, particularly within a niche hobby with heavy community overlap.

The request that's been made of you isn't reasonable.

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