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Commissar Warden

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So I spent the time doing this. I went into the baystation 12 code and exported the warden's stuff directly, and recolored it. I kept the same shading patterns and everything. It is literally just a direct recolor of the red cloth. You can tell I put a lot of effort into it because of the MS paint cropping I did to put them in one single image at an acceptable size.

If one of these are accepted, I'll do the item icons when being held/on the map/on the GUI so it's usable. I have the 32x32 pixel files on my computer.

So I don't know what to do next. I want it in. One of these in. I prefer the black one over the blue one. Why is the black commissar's blue such a brighter blue, you ask? Because the Warden loves the infantry.

Like it? Hate it? What to change to make it acceptable? Go away? You decide.



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Well. Since the head adminstrator AND developer seems to love this, I guess I'll work on the icons and such soon. And.. When I'm done with them, I'm not certain what to do after that.

Is only one of them getting ported or both?

I repeat, I prefer the black one. God loves the infantry.

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