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The resignation thingy.

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Hoi guise.

This is something, that has been brewing within me for quite a long time, which I believe is evident due to my lack of being on-server as of late. My hours on-server have tanked as a result of IRL issues that have overwhelmed me in recent days, I generally don't feel like dealing with people anymore, and I've made a major decision in my life that will make it basically impossible for me to continue on SS-13, let alone Aurora.

I'm going to talk about some rather personal things here, because I have a close friendship with quite a few of the players and I wouldn't feel right just abandoning the server and vanishing. For anyone who doesn't know, I have a terminal disease known as Huntington's disease or Huntington's Chorea. This is a degenerative neurological disorder that is increasingly making my life unpleasant as of late. If you're unfamiliar, near the end of the condition (Which I'm not really near) it makes life....not fun, with an individual losing their ability to take care of themselves. This is something that I'm not cool with, I'm a rather independent personality and I can't really stand the idea of losing that ability. I don't think that's life.

I'm going to resign here, probably do anything left in life that I really care to do, probably until December or there-about and then I'm going to make use of a Service known as Dignitas (No not the gaming team). I want to wish everyone that I've had the pleasure of playing with, enjoying the game with, and simply spending time with, a good life, good times and many, many more good SS-13 rounds.

(And this post is completely unrelated to my complaint. I'm just fucking horrible with timing.)

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In case the rest of you don't know what Dignitas is.

Honestly, I'm really sad about this. Not just because you're leaving, but what's going to happen after that.

You've been one of the most chill people around here, and I'm honestly happy for at least what we've chatted and interacted about during your time here.

I wish you a nice life, for what it's worth. Just make sure you make the best of it!

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I remember what you wrote in my depressive rant topic, where I labeled everyone who wants to die as a defeatist. Well, if someone really feels they have no reason to be alive, nothing to fight for, then maybe there is nothing wrong with it.

Regardless, I wish you a happy life, or what's left of it, whatever you decide.

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I'm an avid believer of choosing your time when it comes to these kind of diseases. I hardly know you but you're incredibly brave for making your choice, a choice most people can't even imagine having to make that decision themselves. Be sure to leave some grande memories.

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The part with Dignitas really hit me hard. Mostly due to the fact that I didn't know your condition was this serious until now. (Although I had heard of it through other people, and most vaguely heard you speak of it.)

I'm really sorry now that I couldn't find time to interact with you more, as you were definitely one of my favorite admins here, based just off seeing you in admin events and playing with you in normal rounds. (All the really cool people are leaving. Why?!)

I hope the rest of the year turns out pleasant, and I wish you the best in the next few months.

Do what you can until then! Go down having enjoyed yourself!

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I do not know you as well as I would like. But you've always been a fair person overall, Dea.

I've nothing but respect for you and, ultimately, your decision.

Strive to make your last year one of your greatest, and when the time comes meet your end with head held high.

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I wish the best for you. I will miss you, but most importantly, even if you are a stranger, i will cross fingers for you, and your future. Give me a shout on skype if you ever wish to talk! You are always a welcome sight for me, and important part of this big family (Aurora).

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I'm not really sure how to process this. It's pretty shocking.

Not really sure what there is to say that won't come out as underwhelming given the size of the matter.

I wish you that you get to do and enjoy everything you are setting out to do and enjoy and that the entire process is as smooth and painless as possible.

If there's something I can do to help out with it, let me know, I'm not too far away.

It's been a pleasure chatting with you, either way.

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After reading through on a forum catch up, I had to stop here and say something.

I don't really know you, Dea. But I sympathise deeply. I want to thank you for all the time and effort you've put into Aurora so far, and I wish you nothing but the best for as long as that is still possible. I'm a firm believer in letting people choose when it is their time to go, if life has nothing but unpleasantness planned for them, and I have a massive respect for your courage in this decision. I hope you're too busy enjoying yourself to ever come back and read this message.

But if you do come back, let us know how you're getting on. I don't think anyone will have read your message and not been touched by it. If there's ever anything the players of Aurora can do for you, just let us know.

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