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The (un)official Aurora crew census!

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The census form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Qm-8UegN9i-CidZ2X9gqJnMLwNNfAXP8DLiKN-Ko38c/viewform

Summary of results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Qm-8UegN9i-CidZ2X9gqJnMLwNNfAXP8DLiKN-Ko38c/viewanalytics

Put this together to get an idea of how many characters we have, and what percentage of characters are what species, 'ethnicity', department, job, etc.

To clarify, one form per character

NOTE: I need to get ahold of Imatool to get a list of skrell ethnicities, since the wiki lacks any information on that.

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A little bit is said to what I remember when I applied, their slime/skin colour is different in relation to the climate/biome they are born and raised into. You can loosely turn that into ethnicity/race probably.

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The colour of the Skrellian skin often depends on a lot of variables, including ancestry and environment, usually those with ancestors originating from the colder places on Aliose are greens and blues though they tend to be lighter shades of the respective colours. Whereas those living in hotter places on Jargon IV (Qerrbalak), tend to have pink, yellow or orange skin.
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Can you add options for borgs/AI's? Nothing fancy: android, robot, cyborg and AI options in species and ethnic group. Also, station/law-bound synthetic in department, and station-bound AI/station-bound mobile AI in position. Or something like that.

I don't really want to pick 'other' everywhere, and others also seem to be interested in adding borgs to the census. Mainly, there is Trixie already in there. I would like to add Graphite, too.

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Aliosian(Snow Skree)

Preferring to live underground on their freezing home planet of Aliose these Skrell often have Pale skin usually pink, white or yellow. The Aliosian are a hardy people with strong constitution, they value family and tradition but are often shunned for the use of Unathi as livestock.

Jarsian(Ocean Skree)

The most well known Skrell, the Jarsian live on the planet Jargon IV with their Weurusian brothers and sisters but the Jarsian do not live on the land like the Weurisians instead the Jarsian’s build underwater cities that extend for thousands of miles. The Jarsian are the most tolerant of the three primary Skrell races and are the most involved in the governing and citizenship of the Jargon Federation.

Weurusian(Swamp Skree) The Weurusians are the least known about Skrell race, they have green skin and is covered in moss and almost never leave their swamps on Jargon IV. The Weurusians are the only race of Skrell that is not a member of the Jargon Federation, instead preferring to live out their lives without technology in tribes led by a religious head and follow the two most sacred skrell religions(depending on the tribe) the Altariser and the Dienabi.

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For synthetics, added another choice under races, updated ethnicities for IPC/Synth, and added an instruction under departments.

Also added the skrell ethnic groups

EDIT: So, as it turns out, updating the form does NOT update any of the already submitted entries, meaning people that selected a value with the old names for certain options, which just broke the summary for IPC/Synthetics in various categories. So, I'm going to pull the current data, fix those entries, and create my own summary results.

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TIL excel is the most useless piece of crap I've ever had to work with when it comes to generating charts/diagrams. You'll just have to settle for text and numbers, no fancy pictures for you

I've never had a problem with it, other than moving the graphs around is a bit strange.

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