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This is something I just found myself wondering, what race is the most whitelisted? Barring people who left/got stripped/stopped playing that species, how many times has each species been whitelisted? Before, and if, anyone gives the real answer, I think it'd be fun to see what people think are whitlisted the most and least. Myself, I think Unathi is the most whitelisted, and Diona the least.

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Answers to your question http://puu.sh/kJkJK/2a986dea8e.png

and people still think there are too meny Tajara -_-

It's really interesting to see how the various races translate into player retention. I applied for a Skrell whitelist (and should still have it to this day), but I could never get into roleplaying Skrells because of how different they are, while it was always pretty easy to RP Taj characters. I also always see a lot more Tajarans and Skrells (both in terms of players and character variety) compared to Dionas and Skrells, so it's actually really surprising to see how many people have whitelists for these races (or how few people have whitelists for Tajs+Unathis, in comparison.)

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That would be a bit more difficult; you'd have to classify characters by the skin tone number. You'd have to put a hard cutoff somewhere, so 199 would be hispanic and 200 would be black, despite looking virtually identical. But anyways!

The Kocasslani were a race that was, in essence, allowed characters to get extremely mad "because the lore said so" and given the race's inexplicable propensity to being security officers, this often led to very bad things happening. I'd seen a few of them before they were removed, and they looked something like Ki-Adi-Mundi from Star Wars. I'm convinced that this was the inspiration for the sprites, because they looked like they'd tried to pack tons of detail into them, but they still look alright. I'm of the opinion that if we toss out the garbage that they tried to pass for "lore" on the race, we could reuse the sprites for another race.

With the IPC's balanced out mechanically, I expect the number of whitelisted IPC players to inexplicably decrease (funny how that works.) Tajarans may overtake them as the most whitelisted race.

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