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Extended play for the dead and Chaplain


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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The unathi Tha'kh religion has a small inside joke where it's actually a religion around the mechanics of SS13 death. "Spirits" wander around, commenting on the material world, before 'disappearing into the spiritual world', ie logging out.

How would making this even more pronounced in mechanics work? What would ghosts do? How easily can they do it? Is this consistent with the setting?

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Personally, I'd rather have (outside of Cult rounds) ghosts have very minor powers. Every once in a while be able to affect machines (make the autolathe change settings or print something, make the cargo shuttle transit, have some fun with the geneticist) or make stuff move just a tiny bit (like, "randomize the item offset" tiny), or randomly trigger non-access-limited doors open, or make just a little startling noise. Or open unlocked lockers.

But nothing that would be immediately, intensely visible. Just... little things that seem off.

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I never thought me and Alberyk could ever agree on the same thing, but I've been proven wrong by this post. We definitely need new content instead of constant slight modifications. I don't think any new playable thing was added for a long time (unless you count ninjas, which were added in the rotation but were already available). We need more stuff related to ghosts, ways for them to interact with the crew instead of just staying around until an admin spawns something (it never happens) or until they leave.

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