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COME ONE COME ALL TO THE AURORA-JONES SPECIES MARKET! This is where you will get semi-frequent updates on the stocks of different species (the average amount of a race per round), along with a brief summary of trends and where your investments should go.

Let's get started! A few days after the markets opened, here are the numbers!



As you can see here, Humans are king, Unathi have gone down steadily since the markets opened and are incredibly down on their luck. Vaurca started high, but have gone down since, exact numbers unavailable for reference. IPCs started below one point, opening up at .97 points or so, have have clawed their way up to 1.11 points. Tajarans are now on par with IPCs after reaching an all-time high of 1.13 points. Skrell opened the markets some days ago at .64 points and worked their way up to .67 points yesterday before falling back down to .66 points today.

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Vaurca at 0.53. I'll buy thousands, leave them at the backyard, I'll be rich soon, anyway.

Ooh, shoulda bought lower, because today we have another update!


Skrell are down .05 points, and Unathi after briefly being at .36 points yesterday, have somewhat stabilized at .38 points. THE TAJARAN THRONE HAS BEEN USURPED by IPCs which are on the rise at a whopping 1.15 points! Humans, after a long period of the server being hidden due to chucklefucking over the weekend, are down an incredible .5 points! Vaurca, who have seen a sharp decline in appearances on the server, continue tumbling down in points as they have now dropped to .5 points total. Diona seem to be stable. We may very well see a surge of investments into humans before and during the weekend as people economically prepare themselves for the weekend rush.

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  • 2 weeks later...


BREAKING NEWS! The Aurora Species Stock Market is in full recession! Humans are down a full .23 points, and Vaurca have reached sub-Unathi levels! Diona have dropped dramatically, and Tajarans have fallen below that precious 1.0 point mark. Skrell are down .9 points, and, possibly following the Gruber law, IPC's are racing to drop below the 1.0 point mark.




EVERYONE INVEST! While the markets are low, you can invest now for a quick and easy money return! (Play your aliens people!)

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From an economical standpoint... That's a depression, not a recession, a recession would be everything being stable, the actual growth of the market is stagnant; though this can still show up as increased unemployment due to the steady increase of the potential growth.

I'll take a couple of hundred Unathi, their stocks have remained relatively stable throughout the crash, and are a non-volatile investment in the current market climate.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Two weeks after the great Aurora Species Stock Market Crash, the nonhuman stocks have stagnated. All have either remained at their depression levels, or fluctuated by .01 points with the exception of Diona and Tajarans who have both decreased by .02 points. Humans have raised by .13 points, which could be an indicator of recovery, or possibly, a byproduct of the weekend surge. If we are to recover from the depression, or even to just remain stable, we must keep investing.


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What's hilarious is. No new stats have been uploaded since swap to new code. The market is bread, Jim.

Hey good point. There's no way only 14 rounds occurred over the span of two weeks. Well everyone, the market has died of severe bread damage I'm afraid. Thanks for playing!

I want my money back.

I knew this was a fraud/scam, Vaurca's value couldn't just go down like that, no way. Where's my lawyer.

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