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24-02-16, the day off-topic claimed its own independence

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It is no longer "their" subforum now! Out with the spammers, in with half-coherent posts about random things.

It is the subforum we all share and enjoy, it is ours, and ours alone. No gods, no masters, with the exception of the forum mods.

Consider they're like the mix of an ss13 janitor and Batman, though. If you don't do anything wrong, they won't kick in your door and space lube your warnings up.

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Yes, the forum moderators could be considered janitors. Many might say they do it for free, but I heard a rumor that they're paid in hot pockets.

Also I like the santa hat on Skull's avatar. It gives his posts a more festive tone, especially when he's bringing down the admin hammer on fools.

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