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Some advice needed about scientists (and flamethrowers)


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I'm gradually learning the scientist role, but i'm running into snags

After a little while, i made a flamethrower, for research purposes of course. I wanted to see how it works, and what i could do with it. I tried to do the responsible thing and take it to the testing range before using it. We have one of those, right?

I spent quite a while wandering around science, before i realised there was a bridge leading out of the toxins room, into space. I figure that must lead to it, but it was built of single plating tiles, completely exposed.

How am i supposed to get there? I searched all over the science wing, but i couldn't find a space suit or magboots anywhere around.

I eventually ended up testing it in the departure lounge. i figure we could use the airlocks to vent the room if i started a fire. And i spent 15 minutes in there trying to use the damn thing. Eventually i had another look at the baystation wiki, and found this (see highlighted text):




Does this mean that flamethrowers don't work?

Or am i reading it wrong, if so how the heck do i use it. The interaction menu on it says it's unlit, and i couldn't figure out how to light it. The Unlit text is a link, but clicking it does nothing. Using a lighter on it didn't seem to work either (i definitely installed an igniter)

I hit a bit of a wall when some aliens boarded the station, i had no luck figuring out what kind of weapons a scientist can mak, aside from the things mentioned on this page: https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Flamethrower#Flamethrower

Most of them don't seem very sciencey. Is there any guide anywhere for the sort of things a scientist can make with researched parts?

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Well hello.

Yes the flamethrower is broken, we usually use it to elevate combat and plasma(Pharon) research levels to two each. The area out of the toxins observation area is the toxins test site, it's where toxin researchers test the toxin mix they just did, I recommend you stay away from that area, unless you like dying. You can find a space suit in telescience, but no megabots.

RnD is basically the Stations malitia, you can build a ton of stuff in there, the only thing that will get in your way is materials, without materials you won't go anywhere with research.

I hope that clears things for you

and PS:the old code had an area for testing sheinanigs, the new code doesnt ? Idk

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What used to be telescience is now labeled misc research, so one would assume that is the place for testing all sorts of shit. Just make sure you take out the fuel tank from the room first. As for the flamethrower, are we sure it doesn't work? Bibiexs RD did an experiment recently with testing temperatures of photon for effectiveness of werfing flammen everywhere. But perhaps that was old code, and I'm just forgetting.

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It actually does work, the issue is that it doesn't instantly light people on fire. They need to be standing on it for a good deal of time before they ignite gloriously.

This is how you assemble a flamethrower, correctly. A lot of folks seem to forget the last step.

1.) acquire welder tool and a metal rod

2.) screwdriver welder tool

3.) take metal rod to extend the barrel

4.) get igniter

5.) screwdriver igniter to make it attachable

6.) attach igniter to flamethrower

7.) screwdriver igniter to make the flamethrower operational

8.) attach plasma tank

9.) ???

10.) shitty flame and profit

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I was just useing the flamethrower yesterday just fine. what doesnt work about it? also is there anyway we can get protohumans back? it's really annoying trying to test all the cool shit without them. forthat matter all of genetics....i miss genetics *cries*

*edit* you guys know you have to screwdriver it one more time affter you add the phoron right?

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