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As far as I am aware; yes, someone did. So in response Goon released it officially.


+Official release of goonstation from 2016-03-04, based on revision 35cd644.

You are welcome to fork this repository and accept pull requests for your fork.

-We will be continuing to develop Goonstation as a closed-source project. Maintaining both this source tree and our private one would be more of an investment in terms of time and effort than we are willing to undertake.

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TL;DR: no.

GOON code has been isolated from other codebases for over half a decade, literally. It is not compatible even on the very core systems level, and making snippets of it functional would include a silly amount of work.

The best use for this codebase is as another source of analogous solutions, but that's about it.

I also have a personal distain for how the release came about, and don't feel like touching it for that reason as well.

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I know we can't just splice in their code and expect it to work, but now we have a roadmap for how they did some of their fun things. It'd be a waste to have been given this and then not use it to learn, and do some neat stuff.

Regardless of how it came about they have released a code base from which they will be developing in secret, but what's given was ultimately given freely and without force or coercion.

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What's funny is, the only major abnormalities in their code are items relating to their webAPI and their management of the UIs. The rest is standard coding in a shitty language.

One of the major things they have going for them is the fact that they have folks who fit the role of game designers. You know, people who can think of nifty puzzles and shit. In order to fill that void, we'd have to basically copy over their concepts and story. But, we're not GOON, none of that would fit here? Once we have time, I do intend on looking into a few things relating to that topic, but atm, we have no time.

I honestly don't think you have a solid understanding of what their codebase contains.

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Are there any features we might like to incorporate?


Seems pretty specific to me, but thanks for the input. Any suggestions would eventually have to go through you anyway. I know enough to know a direct copy-paste would never work, but what sort of 'analogous solutions' might you consider?

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Analogous solutions are solutions to coding issues. Specifically asking the question of, "We have this issue, how did the other codebases solve this?" An example is the autobanner solution, which Scopes and I developed partially based on the input of a GOON coder discussing it on reddit. At this point, I've developed our model to be different to a good degree, but the solutions are analogous in that they solve the same issue in different ways.

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Goonchem is hilariously inflexible when it comes to trying to apply it to other codebases without the use of snowflake code to try and replicate it. When the code was released, the goonchem recipes were pretty much the only saving graces about the release.

I would love to see graphic replications of currently existing goon assets into aurora code, such as the lighting or anything as simple as the rwall sprites.

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Can we atleast replace the shitty rainbow food system with Goon's chef/cooking code? The sprites are nice, the more silly effects can be axed (Accents, transformations from monkey cheeseburgers, etc.), and the majority of it is still 4-5 years old yet ten times better than every other cooking system I've seen. It would make Chef a very enjoyable role for once.

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interesting. It's clearly been designed by individuals with a higher level of knowledge than whoever slapped Baycode together.

But god, Skull's right, it'd take a lot of time and effort to transfer resources over and make it work within the existing code base.

I still think there's some great features Goon has that we could compare to our own and utilize or build off from.

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