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Artemis Bridge Simulator


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So, if anyone's been active in the Discord chat, you would know that I've been trying to get together a group to do Artemis Bridge Simulator, which is a game where you and some other players are all bridge officers aboard a starship and have to complete quests or wage war and keep your ship maintained and well. I'm looking for just a prototypical group right now for some basic work such as figuring out if we can play directly over the internet or possibly need to use something like Evolve or Hamachi to host servers. If Prototyping goes well, the ultimate goal is to make Aurora-themed missions by using a war server, and to hopefully get multiple ships and crews over time. If you already have the game: great! Contact me and we can get to work figuring this out. If not, message me and I can send you a download link that I put up, with complimentary ERP logs with signatures included in the file.




Hopefully we'll one day be able to bring RP into the fold as well, once we get the mechanics and balancing down, such as staffing these ships with Aurora crew members for flavor.

EDIT: Whoops. I realize there's already a thread for this game, but uh, it's pretty old and would have been necro'd.

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If you would want to I could host it.

Not sure how good it will be performance wise, because the server will be in central europe, but it would be worth a try.

And it should negate the need of a vpn software.

(Not 100% sure because I dont know if you have to setup a port forwarding for the server and the client or only the server; Usually its enough if you setup a port forwarding for the server)

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We did successfully utilize Hamachi (linked above) as a VPN to run our first simulation aboard the NMS Diphead. Otherwise, we could try that if people wanted, but I think the game is lacking online play support since it's made specifically for use with LAN. But, I could be wrong given my lack of knowledge on networks. Either way, we've run our maiden voyage, if anyone wants to play get ahold of me and we can begin our training missions!

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