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NSS Borealis

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Short and sweet suggestion: Name the planetary station (when we finally get it) NSS Borealis. We can easily pass off that the Aurora was decommissioned due to integrity faults and was unable to be properly repaired in due time, so it was scrapped as it was less expensive to do so, and so the maintenance workers moved on and was repurposed to finalize the construction of the new station Borealis.

Thoughts? The community name would not change, only the station.

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Guest Complete Garbage

I'd be all for this. Aurora, Borealis. Although you might get a lot of kek references to Half Life/Portal.

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I don't think it would even be a NSS Anything. More likely a NSC (Nanotrasen Science Colony) or like a NRC (Nanotrasen Research Colony/Complex) I don't believe that currently there are any actual abbreviations for land things that NT owns, so that will have to be made.

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Information concerning the new map is freely available, and I've been perfectly transparent with its development since I took charge of it , so the common misconception that it's still a planet map is a bit confusing.


I'm thinking that most people realize that it is on/inside an asteroid but just say planet because it isn't floating by itself in space. At least I hope most people realize it isn't on a planet.

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I'm thinking that most people realize that it is on/inside an asteroid but just say planet because it isn't floating by itself in space.


I think that would be why. My mistake.

Topic is no different. Borealis?

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The discussion of what to name the new map has actually been a bit of a heated debate. The problem is that Aurora is our brand name, so changing the map name has some issues, and if the suggestion was anything but Borealis I would probably be greatly opposed. I cannot speak authoritatively on the matter at this time, but I will definitely bring this to the attention of the rest of the mapping team.

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But I like Aurora. If we just named the new station Borealis, we wouldn't have a thing where Borealis-bot is mentioned and there's a fun little moment of "haha i get it now."

Also, Aurora is kind of what everything else is already named.

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It's an asteroid. This is not a planet map. Do not suggest new station abbreviations relating to ground facilities here, it's irrelevant.

NRA Aurora II, ( NanoTrasen Research Asteroid )

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...It's still a NANOTRASEN SCIENCE STATION, lads. Stations are not limited to being placed in the midst of space.

i mean pls


One thread per suggestion. Mixing multiple ideas into one thread actulally makes managing this forum or deciding what to add more difficult to manage.


either you support the OP in full or you don't

I figure you can discuss changing what is listed in the OP in some way but please do not go "hey can we just do Y instead" or just providing unproductive suggestions

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