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Telltale's "Game of Thrones"


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I dislike quick time events. Which is what the Walking Dead was. I haven't played Wolf Among Us(Probably will sometime this month), or the Sam and Max games.


Walking Dead was sorta QTE heavy? I guess? You definitely aren't going to get a developed combat system in what amounts to a point-and-click adventure game.

But yeah, Wolf Among Us and Sam and Max are both godlike.

I love Game of Thrones. And I love Telltale. And now they've engaged in a glorious, pure union, and this is their child.

And I am happy.

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Picked it up during the Steam Sales. Won't spoil anything, but I will say that this is much more dark and conversation/choice-centric than the previous Tell-Tale series (True to the license, which is a pretty bold move from TellTale, and a good one at that), and the direction it's going provides a nice contrast with their other current series, Tales from the Borderlands. Extremely eager for episode 2 of both.

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Fun fact. The only season pass I EVER bought was the Walking Dead season pass for season 2.

I now have bought two, because I bought the season pass for this.

It looks like a fun game, and I have a love of Song of Ice and Fire nonsense. Or game of thrones nonsense. whatever you want to call it.

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I have played wolf among us, walking dead and now, as of a few days ago, game of thrones, e1.

When [xXxX] died at the end, I literally got up and left the room and had to hold myself, rocking backwards and forwards for a little while. Then I remembered.

It's game of thrones. Why did I think I could get attached to a character and not see them suffer or dead?

Silly me.

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