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[Shelved] Whiteist -CANCELLED-

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It's one of those rare moments when I don't feel like doing a full review because I know Kvothe so well know that I'm just happy to see Doctor Eliza appear in a round. This guy IS chemistry. Not only that, he knows how things work around Medbay and tries his best to uphold to them which is definitely something a CMO needs.

Other than that, I do have ONE minor issue I find with Eliza which is that he feels like cryoing/departing as soon as things go south or when he feels like "his job is done". Something that needs to be changed before he becomes a CMO.

I would definitely overlook that issue since this guy is a good Medical player. So here is my +1 and let's make Medbay great again!

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Eliza is strongly competent all-round, whether it's chemistry or surgery you can be confident that he'll get the job done without you having to peer in and make sure he's doing it properly.

More often then not from what I've seen Eliza is one of the strongest links keeping the medical team from getting overwhelmed, and has the work-ethic to keep medical operational as CMO.

1+ From Usiki CMO.

he's going to obstruct the cmo role while depriving me of a good staff member 1- go away

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Gotta say I wish I could say something unique but everyone already said it. This guy is amazing at what he does and knows what he's doing. He's definitely on the ball with chemistry and knows how to keep it going and stocked like a well oiled machine. If you need meds he either has them already made or can make them in a minute or less.

Dedication and this guy is definitely fun to be around and RP with. Lucas is a great character and I'd be more than happy to give this dude my +1.

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I believe Lucas Eliza, would make a great CMO, He knows a lot, works hard, Keeps medical running, and is quite the friend, I do believe from his experience he would be good. He answered the questions very well and did well on his backstory and understands this. I believe he would make a great CMO, and would love to see what he did with Medical +1

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Well, after being promoted to Interim Chief Medical Officer last night, Eliza threw a fit and quit working for NanoTrasen almost immediately after the promotion. All because the Head of security was upset with him in command channel. It started a big problem which eventually involved CCIA boarding the station to figure it all out. Honestly, if you can't handle Taryks attitude, how do you expect to work with the many other heads of staff who have a much worse attitude.. ? For that reason, right now I'm going to have to give this -1.

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I'm going to have to point out that Taryk isn't guilt free there with continuing the matter after being repeatedly told to drop the matter by the Captain, and they still wound up walking away without a slap on the wrist despite disobeying a direct order.

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Because Taryk wasn't actually in the wrong for the way they acted. The intent is very important for this part of the discussion. The captain ended up withdrawing that due to miscommunications in intelligence, some of which were transmitted by yourself.

The way Eliza acted was much less of the same that you're describing. I don't really believe I've really dealt with the sort of characters with incredible leaps in mood swings over low-stress issues.

I never really understood what was so difficult with reporting full details of a crime rather than coming off as an elitist complaining that their chemist was lacking in hair and words to say. You neglected to mention that any actual criminal wrongdoing was going on, therefore I chose to not step in and I told you to take it up with the captain, HoP, or IAA. I phrased in the matter of "someone who cares", since you were effectively phrasing your case as a sort of bald-police even though you had no reason to believe they were actually committing a crime until later.

So you did go to the captain, who deferred operational authority to IAA, but instead you spun that to the IAA to spite Taryk, lied about the HoS "willfully neglecting a criminal issue" when you only received info that sulphuric acid and space drug pills were being made 2 minutes prior to your IAA meeting. In which, you decided that reporting it to me was wholly unimportant because it would spin a different narrative otherwise. It's fair for me to come to this conclusion, right?

I don't even think you intended to put forward an employee complaint on the chemist, and I think that's the issue. You held a grudge over such an inconsequential and tiny RP issue. It blew a situation far out of proportion enough to get the head DO on deck to clarify what was the matter.

Let's get started on how the (fairly canon) meeting with the head DO, Owen, went. Your character came in drunk and smelling of whiskey, as you emoted. Eliza effectively showed up to an important meeting with heads of staff and a corporate agent several rungs higher wanting to hear your case, but they showed up in the least presentable way possible. The moment the DO thought I was in the right in relation to deferring authority to someone who handles employee conduct and not criminal activity (because you absolutely do not want security as the thought police, and I don't want that either), Eliza pretty much went into a meltdown mode. They attempted to walk right out of a meeting with the bloody top DO present. It's certainly bold, but definitely not something that should be encouraged by head of staff standards. Eliza then snarked at the DO and offhandedly remarked about Taryk being a lapdog. In front of a fair few of people who could easily end your career with the company. Eliza then proclaimed that they were terminating their contract with NT anyway and that their behavior was seemingly excusable because they didn't have to take responsibility. (Eliza ended up playing the round after, which mildly irritated me.)

Eliza then attempted to get themselves a one-way ticket to crossing the Rainbow Bridge via a disposal ride, even though Valhalla is for those that die as warriors and not as cowards. And, personally, I hadn't witnessed any sort of Odinist expression from you earlier, so I was tempted to believe you were meming and not taking the round so seriously. If the attempt at suicide was of any indication, that is. The justification for it was simply stupid, I won't sugarcoat it. Suicide can certainly be justifiable under some circumstances, but I don't think the situation you were given really called for it. The way it was executed, it seemed like it was more shoe-horned or forced by the player for some other motivation than to create interesting RP. I think you just wanted out of the round once and for all--

Actually, now that I remember! The DO mentioned in LOOC about the canonical applicability of the event was based on antagonist involvement and if nobody involved dies. I just find this tidbit a little interesting, as I think I figured out your justification for attempting suicide at this point.

I've also heard that you recently blocked another player though they were trying to provide feedback and honest criticism for your characters. They mentioned that the act was seemingly bipolar and really uncalled for.

Honestly, the following experiences I was apart of led me to most certainly conclude that Eliza is not someone who can be trusted in a leadership position. They are not honest, they are incapable of communicating the most simple information properly, they have mood swings that honestly hold more similarity to a rollercoaster, they're not able to keep a cool, calm head in the the face of adversity or in a heated moment, especially with a DO present.

And I think the worst part of it is that it's really difficult to discern Kvothe from Eliza. I've seen more or less of the same behavior coming from the both of them, sometimes it serves as a mild irritance and other times I see some real crummy conduct. Just about everybody had the issue of being a little too attached to their character. It happens to everyone, but we can't exactly tolerate shitty behavior spurning from it as it happens.

I'd have to oppose this for the aforementioned reasons.

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