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[Withdrawn] Developer Applocation: Pacmandevil

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I came here expecting to download Apps for my smartphone, since it was labeled applocation, but apparently Pacmandevil never coded any for this thread. I'm very disappointed. What even is the point of this Applocation without Apps? Is it just incase you decide to code some?

No but seriously, Pacman has shown that he has the ability to code. I just can't be completely sure how well he'll cope with having a deadline and assigned tasks to complete regularly. I really do see them in the #Code_Dungeon all the time, so they don't seem like a gamble to give a shot, from my point of view. I support, for what it's worth.

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-1. Pacman memes too much.

But seriously, though. Pacmandevil produces good quality code and has an enthusiasm for developing. Those two things combine to make a good developer.

Also, I can't wait for firing pins to be completed as part of your inevitable trial. ;)

+1 from me. (Maybe just cut down on the memes a bit.)

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Pacman is 100% coder material. He is like the engineering department of players. He never listens to any bullshit and just goes around making everything great again.

Forgive me for sucking his dick but I greatly admire the guys enthusiasm, code of honor, and realistic in-game roleplay. He is someone I would like to represent our playerbase, and him being a coder would be a great platform for him to show his talent! Best of luck buddy. +1

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I'm a bit on the fence regarding this application applocation. Pacman has shown a healthy amount of dedication to code & shows other traits positive in a developer, however, their DM leaves something to be desired. I don't think this alone is a reason to -1 this as they are showing definite improvement in regards to their skill with DM, as well as a willingness to learn and listen.

Overall, I'm going with a cautious +1, but I ask that you keep working on your DM.

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