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[2 Dismissals: Archived]Leave This Place Nar-Nar


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The chaplain should be able to banish Nar'sie with the Null rod.

No, he shouldn't be made immune to being gibbed by Nar'sie's Divine Presence.

But if the manages to get in close enough to tap Nar'sie, They should be immediately banished from this world, their works undone.

This is a very serious suggestion and not a joke based on a conversation between me and Jackboot.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I think it would be amusing to watch people sprinting en-masse at Nar'sie to attempt to banish him, only to be gibbed or turned into constructs. There is almost no feasible way for someone to survive the entire cult round up to the point that Nar'sie is summoned, and still deal with all the constructs after he's summoned. Everyone's still going to die, but an ending like this would be the stuff of server legends.

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Also against it, because I see little purpose in this besides being some one time thing. The Nar'sie summoning is a really big event and someone just smacking Nar'sie with the null rod should not really deny all the build up and the effects caused by it.

+1 vote for dismissal.

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