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Rhazajun Rhazakal-Jawdat feedback

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Jawdat is my Hop/tective Tajara. He's my oldest surviving character, and i've never made one of these feedback threads, so he's a good place to start.

Here's his employment history because he's like 3 years old so he's gone through a reboot so here's his records please stop pm'ing me about him being a CSI he's not if you PM me again I will call the police.




Age: 16. Entered People's Youth Patriots organization. Earned merit badge for punctuality.


Age: 18. Gained Associate in Accounting in Nal'Tor Community College, Adhomai Continued schooling for Bachelors in Business with minor in Criminal Forensics.


Age: 18. Employment as a clerical assistant in the People's Republic Internal Revenue Service.


Age: 21. Gained Bachelors in Business from Nal'Tor Community College with minor in Criminal Forensics.


Age: 22. Promoted to Criminal Investigation Special Agent. Handles tax fraud for the PRIRS.


Age: 25. Employment with Nanotrasen begins. Internal Affairs intern for NMSS Odin, Tau Ceti.


Age: 26. Promoted to Detective.


Age: 30. (Houssam) Rrazujun Rrhazkal-Jawdat granted promotion to Head of Personnel, managing delegation of civilian departments.


Age: 31. Gained a Masters in Business Management in the Biesel University of Business.


Head of Personnel, Detective


negative comments will be DELETED and the posters will be BANNED

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Jawdat was the tajara that got me to read tajara lore. That being said, they are goofy, but in a wholesome way. I am not sure if theres a better way to describe it, but, for me at least, I always feel like I am communicating with someone that lets their natural charisma work for them. Jawdat is goofy, but also intensely likable. He inspires loyalty and generally keeps apprised of the situations that do occur, rather than let them trample him underfoot.

To put it in more simple terms, he is not a casual observer, something that regularly plagues the HoP role.

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I love Jawdat. Not too serious but doesn't slack off. He will let security do its own thing (unless he's an antag) instead of making a crew milita to fend off [insert team antag here].

The round I remember the most was when I was playing my Forensic Technician and they were going around sniping people. In the end I accused them, and OOC I knew it was them in the end, but ICly the interaction with my character giving them the benefit of the doubt (because Brazilians love their Xenos) and their joke about their Tiedie shirt left me with a smile.

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