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Create Handfulls of Tiny Items (Shells, cigarettes)


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Click one cigarette butt with another to add it to a handful in your hand, with a maximum of three or four. Same for bullet shells. No more picking up one shell, ONE AT A TIME. This can apply to garbage and ALL tiny items. People IRL get a fistful to get as many as possible before they make their trip to the trashcan.

You don't have to sprite it necessarily. Just keep the one object in your HUD or just add another one right next to the sprite in your hand. Activate the handful and the stack breaks apart and is dropped on the floor. You can throw the cluster or drop it on the floor. If you put the cluster in your backpack, it automatically breaks apart to take up the full amount of space and keep game mechanic balance in check. If you try to equip the cluster, it will break apart if it's placed on anything but your pockets.

So nobody can put two shotgun shells on each of their ears.

Cigarette butts and bullet shells already have varied placement on the tile they're dropped on, so that might help.

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Good idea, but cigarette butts are hot and unless you want 1st or 2nd degree burns I dont recommend getting a handful.


Thank you, but cigarette butts don't stay hot forever. I've smoked and extinguished my cigars/cigarettes by rubbing out the bud and burnt tobacco. It doesn't burn you to touch that, at all.

If their being hot was ever an issue, then you wouldn't be able to pick them up in the first place. After all, cigarette butt icons are sprited in a way that they seem to have long since lost their heat by the time your character decides they're finished with them. To be even more technical, you could pinch a cluster in your hand in a way that prevents you from burning yourself.

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