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IAA may not have much power on station, but they are regarded higher than any other head of staff barring the captain.

robots don't deserve this, not like this is a serious question.


I fail to see how a paperwork pusher who knows nothing but laws and guidelines is much scarier than someone in charge of an entire private research station's security wing.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

id be fine with it, sleek agents are more intimidating than tv-heads constantly flashing a heart emoticon

But it is up to [mention]CakeIsOssim[/mention]

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I was scrolling through and I noticed someone say IPCs aren't lawed or loyally implanted. Aren't most of them on the Aurora owned and controlled by NanoTrasen? I would imagine they'd have directives and loyalty directly coded into them if they weren't free.

If I were NanoTrasen, I'd allow IPCs to be IAA so long as they were corporately owned, properly trained, loyalty coded, had complex reasoning and posibrains, and had no personality or emotion emulators. They're 100% impartial like this. They're only interested in the company's benefit and following the law. IAAs are soulless anyways, why not replace them with a soulless robot? NanoTrasen cares more about profits than social stigma, and a soulless, unpaid, 100% impartial IAA who is fine with sitting in an office for hours on end doing the dullest work imaginable is better than a human who might have hidden biases, require a surprisingly large paycheck, require food, and would possibly quit after a while.

But that's just my opinion, the lore master dudes are in charge here.

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I kinda support IAA IPCs, but IAAs are paid a lot and have a special place in NanoTrasen. As well, you need to be able to feel emotion to be able to connect with employees if you want to make them feel comfortable spilling their darkest secrets to you.

If IPCs became IAA-permitted, I'd suggest requiring them to be shells, as nobody is going to want to file a complaint through a box-head IPC.

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