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Alter the new Blast door textures.


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May be a bit of a pet peeve. individually, they look amazing as a replacement for the old blastdoors, but when grouped together in places like the SM Engine Core where they surround it, it looks incredibly unpolished and out of place. Note; I DO like them when occupying a single tile, but when used in multiples, they look very bad.




If this is just me, i'll deal with it. If it's not just me, well. Maybe we can get an alteration that makes it look better. The only idea I have is to turn them upside down and have them clamp in the middle instead of by the side and in the center.

Similar to this, note, this is photoshopped, it is not actually ingame. I think this would look better than the current implementation. Opinions welcome. Also, I know the last part looks off, but that's a result of my crappy photoshop skills. If the sprite is flipped and the animation matches up, it would be fine, I think.



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