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[1 Dismissal] Purchasing Power


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Allow Station Command, specifically the Captain/CE, to buy energy from CC. Similar to when power gets fully restored after some random events or with adminboose. Recharges the APCS only and would not charge SMES units.

The idea is it'd cost like 35,000 credits and using without very good reason (no active engineers) could be punishable as its redirecting resources from the Odin.

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Aside from what Ron said, how would centcom charge all apcs on the station remotely ?

I dont see the need or a realistic way how that would be possible.

(And yes I know there is a admin verb to do that, but I dont remember it ever being used).

Also, if there are no engineers and no personel capable of wiring the solars or setting up any of the engines you could try calling a engineering ert.

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I have faxed and asked about three times and had admins respond by giving me power [mention]Arrow768[/mention] , they have also done it many times in the past when there have been no engineers and no heads. This would simply be turning that admin action into an IC thing.

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It sounds more like one off things to keep the round going.

From a gameplay perspective it's better if a crew of ERT come aboard to set up the engine or players join to do it. Having a magic power transfer process opens up a can of worms lore wise. Other then that I just personally don't like the idea.

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