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Add a tail sel target zone


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Currently, two races have a tail, unathi and tajarans. But since humancode is all derived from ancient mobcode where humans were the only species, there's a whole lot of 'just making it work with what is there'. As such, tails are just sort of a sprite that sits there, attached to the mob's body, unable to be interacted with in any meaningful way by game mechanics.

According to my code confidante [mention]Lohikar[/mention], it's feasibly possible to add a special zone to the targeting UI specifically for tails. Obviously, it would just come up with some 'That person doesn't have a tail!" message if you try to intent-use an action it on one of the tailless heathens, much like of a limb was severed.

But with a tail zone, you could do all sorts of things that were previously impossible when tails were an intert sprite tag. You could step on a tail while on harm intent, drag someone around by the tail in grab, yank a tail for disarm. Plenty of things.

Urist McFurry pets Ssalazar Yinzr's tail!

Local furry found in several pieces under elevator shaft.

On the other end, you could also fire weapons at a tail, sever them, all the other stuff that comes with it being a body part. Bones could be broken in the tail, requiring the normal surgical procedure to realign their broken tail.

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