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[Withdrawn] PoZe's mapper/coder application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: PoZe

Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Mapper or Coder

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have experience in coding DM, making maps.

Examples of Past Work: I used to have some example of sprites, and maps I made. A year ago I was working on resurrecting Luna built using Aurora build, I got around of making half of the ship, and started to implement new game-mode mechanics. Unfortunate system wipeout, and me not storing things on could left me with nothing of these works.

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Any: steam, discord, skype.

Additional Comments: [Edited] I have been gone for a while, some of staff do not know me at all, but some do. I do know that this application seems weird, since I have no examples of work. But if you want me to show my skills just give me task to make new map, or change it, or code something.

Currently looking into git issues to show them as my work. I have fixed access to Science Autopsy room, just need to merge the code.

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I am going to need you to provide examples of past work on mapping, to be able to give you a positive review. We also normally require that you have contributed in the past or are able to provide past work for both the mappers and the coder position.

Please work on something, so we have something to judge your app from.

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I cant seem to find any pull requests on github with your byond username.

Do you have a different username on github ?


Oh, I forgot to mention in application. My github username is: Sindorman. I should have 3 Pull Requests already merged in Aurora Master.

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Okay. I'm sorry for the delay, but I had forgotten about this and was only remembered shortly ago. I am no one to judge your PRs, even less the code ones. But as the mapper I am, I think we are going to need something else map-wise if you want to apply to the mapper position. We need proper projects that show your capabilities; simple fixes -which is what it looks that've mostly done in the map- are not enough to show your capacity.

I ask that you work on something a bit bigger or say if you don't have the interest to keep applying for the mapper position. I have a few pending projects; if you want an idea or two on what to do, just ping me on Discord.


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