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About This Club

Aurora Anime Alliance. A place for people to shitpost about anime, talk about anime, and freely weeb out.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Given it's been like, 3 weeks, this gonna be the picture until any more serious submissions roll in.
  3. This makes it harder but I will make a submission soon!!
  4. Hey everyone! The purpose of this thread is for the submission of new pictures for one to be selected as the clubs new image. Submissions aren't allowed to be lewd or cropped from a lewd. Happy hunting!
  5. I really like the banner, but I'm not married to it. The club picture was a more or less completely arbitrary selection
  6. Which would you guys prefer? 3A or A3? I'm partial to A3 because it could be a joke on A1 productions.
  7. While I respect Mofo's choice for the banner and choice of picture of our club, I think there should be a democratic election which waifu (or husbando) should represent us. Post some ideas down below so we can create a democratic poll.

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