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  1. I agree with Prate, restricting backpacks to the lower-tier hardsuits incapable of being loaded up would be well enough. If not for that reason then just to further the goals of the anti-Security conspiracy. And as Cnyam said, it isn't like people don't already drag along their backpacks anyways. Miners are especially guilty of doing it ever since Bluespace Mining was merged and unshackled them from their boxes.
  2. Laying down in the water collapses your lungs in about five seconds.
  3. Self explanatory title, I think it's dumb that we can only hold pressure against bleeding wounds while standing perfectly still. It might be a minor change, but it would definitely give a nice boost to (my own) survival rates with AB cases if you could actually move yourself to Medical before bleeding to death.
  4. That's actually perfect. Big thankies from McSpankies.
  5. Edit: I don't know how to read. Ignore this post.
  6. Ever since the respite I've had problems finding these things on the walls, mostly because they just look like all the rest of the wall-mounted clutter now. It would be great to upsize them a bit, or at the very least change them to their old bright red again so they aren't as easy to lose.
  7. I already don't trust our Security players to responsibly handle the tickle sticks that they have now. If you give them anything more lethal they can and absolutely will abuse it.
  8. I like wizard as a gamemode and I really don't want to see if permanently binned by being taken out of rotation. Unlike other modes we've gotten rid of this one actually has potential, unlike MALF and Changeling. -1
  9. You can hold any windoor open by double-clicking it.
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