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  1. Maybe make it an anti-riot launcher that can shoot individual ion (and tear gas?) shells without the risk of venting the station.
  2. Maybe this is more of a personal issue, but compared to a lot of the other sounds in the game the pumping sound effect is absolutely ear splitting, kind of like the arcade machines. Could we please make it quieter?
  3. Not having one is stupid. You're worthless to the crew if you're dead, especially since you're the head most likely to be shot at. Pun intended.
  4. Straightforward enough, the syringe box near the front door has dozens of needles in it while the sharps bins can only hold what, six at the most? It would be really nice if it held the same number as the box they came in so the thing was useful for more than table decor.
  5. I like this idea, I like it a lot. Kind of curious about how it could be implemented though, obviously we can't just shoot up honey and you can't apply it like ointment. Maybe react it with enzyme to refine it more?
  6. Self-explanitory. For all that they're worth they could just be resprited/renamed canes with the same functionality and the added benefit of letting you roleplay being crippled without the old lady aesthetic.
  7. I'd sign off on this, sure. You've shown in most of our encounters that you have a pretty impressive range with your characters, so much so that I didn't even know that you played any of them until reading this. They're all unique, well done, and fun to interact with. I doubt your IPCs will be any different. +1
  8. Add coffee machines to the Main floor. There's three of them within spitting distance of each other on the Surface level, two of which are across the hall from one another. That's just stupid.
  9. Tender wounds and recovery periods could be a neat mechanic so long as you can do them without being glued to a bed, in pain-crit. Like Jackboot said, it isn't fun and Medical is, as a whole, already notorious for completely neglecting patients as it is. I've lost count of the number of times I've been sedated by idiot surgeons (mostly CMOs) and abandoned in the recovery ward for upwards of half an hour while my body processed the gallon of soporific that I'd been injected with. I'd rather not get shot once and have to deal with anything similar. On the other hand, I'm equally as sick of seeing Chad Thundercock, Warden Extraordinaire with at least three rifles on his person eat buckshot and be back to securing valids in less than five minutes.
  10. +1 The leather jackets look like shit.
  11. Super niche issue, but one that has practically turned into a Service meme at this point. The kitchen has six knives, six forks, and six spoons along with eight cups to serve the crew with. If the kitchen is particularly busy these'll tend to walk away with whoever it is ordering food unless you keep them under lock and key. It'd be nice if we could raise the number to twelve of each, bringing it in line with the plastic Dinnerware machine inside of the bar just for the sake of convenience and sanity.
  12. I just realized how awful of an idea making the bar and kitchen a source of consumable bandages would be, they'd get stolen even faster than the forks and cups. Maybe do it so you target the bleeding area with a help intent and after a short delay (1-2 seconds) a message rattles off saying "(Person) applies pressure with the rag". This'd temporarily pause or majorly slow the bleeding on yourself or whoever you're helping while bloodying the rag and your hands. If you click again, change hands, or move too far away from them you'll stop. It'd be neat to extend it to towels as well.
  13. Using rags from vendors (and torn clothes, I guess) could have a higher rate of infection than gauze, and only work to stop the bleed without starting the healing process. Stops you from bleeding out in the short run, but you'd still need proper medical attention afterwards.
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