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  1. Add a basic Nanomed vendor in the Medbay lobby. It would be nice to be able to vend a quick roll of gauze so your patient doesn't bleed to death at the front door.
  2. Commumion wafers and wine for Christianity would be cool.
  3. We already just jump the dividing counter anyways.
  4. It's annoying to have to turn your workplace into a minefield whenever mice crop up. What would be nice is the ability to stuff an armed mouse trap into a vent and then have it pop back out whenever one kills a rat similar to how traps under tables work already, with the hide verb, just without having to worry about stepping on them yourself. Alternatively you could screwdriver open the covers like a tiny wall closet, stick a trap in, and screwdriver it again to close up shop. As a neat little side addition traitors could do the same with a few other small items and make a vent stash for their stuff. EMAGs and agent cards and such.
  5. These look like absolute garbage, in a good way. They look like equipment on a construction site. The rusted, rugged, metal-on-metal aesthetic makes them look heavy, barely maintained, and incredibly uncomfortable to work in. Mining now looks like the horrible, exhausting, and all around awful job that it's meant to be. I love it.
  6. It would be nice to see testmerge rounds with damage and halloss/pain values turned up. It's lame having to rest and s-s-st-utt-er beause the game decides your eight gunshots don't hurt enough on their own.
  7. Rats always have been and always will be valid. Crush spamming is doing God's work.
  8. UncleJo

    Steak Resprite

    I like this a lot.
  9. Maybe make it an anti-riot launcher that can shoot individual ion (and tear gas?) shells without the risk of venting the station.
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