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  1. Medical residents in real life are doctorate holders, usually employed by teaching hospitals after graduation. I won't speak for Alberyk's personal reasoning but most discussion I've heard around the topic of removing the alt titles was that it was done to distance us from IRL protocol and give us more leeway to ad lib it and fill in our own blanks. I agree with that philosophy wholeheartedly. What being said, I doubt residents would be hired on a research station in the middle of nowhere and I think the intern role would be perfect if kept by itself. Lower the age requirement, lower the expectations, and lower the bar to help people get over themselves and the fact that it's a learning role for new players.
  2. Meltharas is an exceptional roleplayer with a firm grasp on all of the departments they staff, an excellent understanding of the lore, and a natural penchant for helping to acclimate new players. I can't think of a single bad experience we've ever had together and interacting with their characters is nothing short of an absolute pleasure due to them being some of if not the best I've ever seen. Issana especially is a fantastic character and probably the one that I hold all all other Unathi up to as a golden standard. The only complaint I have is that this application wasn't written sooner. +1
  3. Bump out of interest and also because of this. My lungs almost exploded the other day because it took fifteen seconds for me to realize I was suffocating in a vented hallway. If I hadn't gotten messages in my chat log I probably would never have noticed at all. I can only imagine how annoying that must be for an IPC. One second you're fine and the next you're dead because you didn't see a tiny flashing icon in the far corner of your screen. They're great in theory but horrific in execution.
  4. I'd like to see more color added back into the game as well but I don't think this is the place to add it. Earpieces in my own opinion are accessories that aren't intended to be eye-catching at the cost of clashing with other colors, especially since a lot of people here enjoy expressing their characters through fashion beyond department colors. I'm aware that the on-person sprites are a few pixels but I base my thinking on how I'd imagine an actual person wearing them would look with a neon colored box strapped to the side of their head. Making them subtly distinct and unique at a glance without attracting attention feels like a better avenue to take, and I like the iterations we have now even if they could use minor tweaks in and of themselves. Again, this is all just my own opinion. I'm not trying to get on you or discourage you. Please don't jump my shit.
  5. A lot of the time I've noticed that cults seem to fail because hardly anyone knows what they're doing, or they have no concrete leadership to collect under and lack a real sense of direction besides their end goal of summoning Nar'sie. We could potentially remedy this by adding in a preference role for more experienced cult players to opt into who are willing to direct the flow of the round. In this case the High Priest (working title) would be like a head revolutionary who acts as an IC mentor and leader for the cult, complete with a unique set of robes. Ideally they wouldn't be given much extra mechanically (to curb powercreep) besides elevated authority in their group, clout, and the aforementioned Giorgio Armani custom-tailored robes to help facilitate roleplay and allow for fun gimmicks which move away from mindless slaughter and more towards involving the crew as more than just corpses. It might even be helpful to give them a presence ability similar to vampires, using their close relationship with the Veil to sway people into willingly joining, which understandably would be a hard sell in any other case and could help get the ball rolling without the need for ganking. It'd be nice to hear other ideas and additions if any of you have some. This could be cool.
  6. I crawled out of bed at 5:00 in the morning like a corpse clawing out of a coffin just to make this post. Nikita is, has been, and probably will remain one of my favorite members of Service and Cargo to date. Period. He's incredibly enjoyable to work with both as his subordinate in mining and his colleage in the kitchen. I haven't had a single negative experience with him as a character or Sycmos as a person. Not so much as a single gripe or grievance. Sycmos seems to be incredibly competent and capable both in the departments they play and as a roleplayer, and I would absolutely recommend them for a Command whitelist. I look forward to working under you. +1
  7. Oh my God, please. What's even worse is when someone is hooked onto one and the needle inevitably gets ripped out of their arm when someone bulldozes the thing away and ends up causing an arterial bleed, as if there weren't enough problems already. +1
  8. Sort of how Changelings can speak with their victims, and similarly to how you can still speak to your borer while you're being controlled. It would be nice to not have to wander around the station whispering to ourselves like lunatics, especially since it's a dead giveaway for anyone who'd want to meta you. Give us a verb that lets us speak through our thoughts.
  9. Can we add air-tight flaps or something similar into the stairs? Every time we have carp on the institial level it ends up venting the entire aft hallway.
  10. I don't know Danse very well so I can't vouch for him personally, but I can honestly say that he's always played very grounded, reasonable, and believable characters based on my interactions with them so far. I'd consider him to be knowledgeable on our lore and competent in the departments he plays. He'd be a good fit for Command. Hopefully he might even raise the bar a bit. +1
  11. With the removal of mesons and material scanners more than a few people have given up the department entirely for the simple reason that they can't see a damned thing. Lanterns used to be a way to alleviate that until they were nerfed to the point of being completely worthless; now they're just significantly worse versions of the voidsuit helmet's head lamp. Adding back the circular light would be a massive quality of life change, and greatly appreciated even if the actual brightness was kept as it is now.
  12. Seriously. No one wears the things, and more often than not they just end up in giant pile on the floor.
  13. "Give me feedback" "I disagree with you" "Give me different feedback, your feedback is wrong because I said so" 🤔
  14. Deaf cargo tech fumbles around behind the kitchen trying to escape from a wraith. We notice, and I hand my azzizztant a gun to point at the doorway. I open it, the tech charges out with a crummy spear and then immediately dies when we mistake him for a cultist.
  15. I've always known Abo to be remarkably fair with his judgements and commited to making sure rounds stay fun for everyone involved, almost to a fault. I can't think of any reason why he wouldn't be a welcome addition to the staff with his already established reputation and track record, even with my own personal bias aside. +1
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